SPIN is the “go-to” site for:

  • Students looking for ways to get involved in our over 200 student organizations
  • Student Organization leaders to manage their rosters, paperwork, elections, etc. in one common place
  • Student Organizations to reach out to others and share what is happening within the group
  • All students to track their involvement during their UWSP career!

Plus, download the free CORQ app to see what all our student organizations are doing this year!

Looking to Get Involved?

Sign in to SPIN (spin.uwsp.edu) and start your journey! Once you are in, we encourage you to select the “Discover a New Organization” button to browse all of our 214 student organizations. Not only will you see an Organizations Directory, but to the left, you can narrow your search to specific types of organizations. We recommend that you start with finding an Academic/Career focused student organization that matches your major or a major you are considering.

Student Organization Leaders – Organization HUB!

Student organization leadership will love SPIN! You can write news articles that will be posted on the main page, keep track of your roster, communicate with members, post pictures, have a safe place to keep your agendas, minutes, and other paperwork, hold elections, and much more. CASE also has SPIN consultants available to help you navigate the system! Sign in at spin.uwsp.edu to get started! Find out how to manage your SPIN page here: SPIN Page User Guide

Track Your Involvement – Co-Curricular Record

You know how it goes… you are involved in a number of things and when it comes time to put your resume together and you have forgotten all of those experiences you’ve hadL  Fear no more! Each time you “swipe in” to a campus event that is connected to SPIN, your experience will automatically be entered. Just sign into SPIN at spin.uwsp.edu, click on your name in the top right corner and select Involvement. From that page, select Co-Curricular Record and see all the things you’ve done!