Faculty/Staff Email Address Information 

All faculty and staff at UWSP have at least two email addresses which deliver mail to a single UWSP mailbox.

Your UWSP Default Email Address

Your UWSP default email address is your UWSP username followed by "@uwsp.edu".

For example:  Steven Pointer's username is "spointer". His email address is "spointer@uwsp.edu".

A UWSP faculty/staff username is composed of the first letter of the first name followed by the first 7 characters of the last name. 

This username format makes your UWSP username unique to you on our campus.  The "@uwsp.edu" part of the email address is the domain where the email will be delivered.

Your UWSP default email address:

  • Has the same format as your User Principle Name (or UPN) which is used to log into UWSP resources.

For example:

Steven Pointer's default email address is: spointer@uwsp.edu.

Steven Pointer's User Principle Name (UPN) is: spointer@uwsp.edu.

  • Should be used to log into UWSP computers and resources.

  • Should be used to sign up for your work-related internet services and listservs.

  • Is what off-campus recipients see when they receive your emails.

Your Full Name Email Address

Faculty and staff also have a full name address in the format First.Last@uwsp.edu or Preferred.Last@uwsp.edu. .

For example:

Steven Pointer's full name email address is: Steven.Pointer@uwsp.edu.

Your full name email address:

  • Can be used on professional publications.
  • Should not be used to sign up for internet services or listservs.
  • Cannot be used to log into UWSP computers and resources.

Exceptions to the default username format:

Duplicate Names

If the email username is the same as another UWSP employee, the second hire's username will consist of the first two letters of the first name followed by the first six of their last.  Please see example below. 


1st hired

John Smithers


jsmither@uwsp.edu (default)

2nd hired

John Smithers


josmithe@uwsp.edu (default)

All email addresses for a person deliver mail to a single UWSP Mailbox.

Have questions?  Please contact the Service Desk