Emergency Services

Enhanced 911 Service
UWSP has the enhanced 9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting System. 9-1-1 is for emergency situations when Police, Fire, or Ambulance services are need.

You may dial [911] or [9-911]. Dialing either way will direct you to Portage County Emergency Services. They will contact UWSP Protective Services. After dialing, speak slowly and clearly. Listen carefully to the questions being asked. Keep in mind; there will be approximately seven (7) seconds of silence before you hear your call ring. DO NOT HANG UP! Your call is automatically sent when you complete dialing, you just don't hear it happening. We realize this can seem longer in emergency situations, but during those few seconds your call is being routed to the proper 9-1-1 Communications Center. This process identifies the location of the call. It displays the telephone number, name, street and address, building name, floor, and room number. This information will appear automatically on the Communications Center computer screen.

If you dial [911], or [9-911] by mistake, STAY ON THE LINE! Tell the Communications Center it's a mistake. Remember, they have your information as soon as you finish dialing. If you hang up, you will be called back. If you do not answer, the City of Stevens Point will send emergency services to your location.

Emergency Phones & Code Blue Telephones
Throughout campus there are Emergency Telephones and Code Blue Telephones. Each one connects directly to UWSP Protective Services.

Code Blue telephones are at various outdoor locations around campus. A Code Blue phone is placed within a narrow kiosk with a blue light fixed on top. Just press the button to call UWSP Protective Services.

There is an emergency telephone in each campus building. It is a red telephone that is labeled "Emergency Phone." Just lift the receiver and Protective Services is automatically dialed. If the emergency telephone has a dial pad, dial [911] or [9-911].