Custodial Work Unit
The Custodial Work Unit is one of the largest divisions of Facility Services. Custodial provides cleaning on a scheduled basis to all generally funded university academic, administrative, residential and centers buildings. Custodial services are aimed at protecting the campus environment's health, wellness and safety each and every day with environmentally conscious cleaning methods and materials. A daily program of custodial services is offered to each building based upon need, specific operation and funding across two shifts from 5:00am to 11:00pm daily and weekends.


The Custodial staff is highly trained and receives regular training on the latest green cleaning techniques as well as up-to-date training on equipment, floor care, and blood borne pathogen, along with all required safety training.  The UWSP Custodial Program Supervisor is the only ISSA Clean Management Institute certified trainer in the University of Wisconsin System.

Custodial is grounded in a 'Servant Leadership' model, where all members of the department are encouraged to strive to serve, lead and act as stewards of the campus and community. Custodial work to overcome stereotypes, seek diversity and direct all efforts to empower achievement day-to-day.

 What buildings on the main campus do custodial service?

  • Alberston Hall Learning Resource Center (ALB)
  • Allen Center
  • Baldwin Hall
  • Burroughs Hall
  • Chemistry / Biology (CBB)
  • College of Professional Studies (CPS)
  • Collins Classroom Center (CCC)
  • Communication Arts Center (CAC)
  • DeBot Center
  • Delzell Hall
  • Dreyfus University Center (DUC)
  • Hansen Hall
  • Knutzen Hall
  • Maintenance and Materiel Building
  • Marshfield Clinic System Champion Hall (MCCH)
  • Neale Hall
  • Nelson Hall
  • Noel Fine Arts Center (NFAC)
  • Old Main
  • Park Student Services Center (SSC)
  • Pray-Sims Hall
  • Resource Recovery Center
  • Roach Hall
  • Schmeekle Visitor Center and Shelter
  • Science
  • Smith Hall
  • Steiner Hall
  • Suites @ 201 Reserve
  • Thomson Hall
  • Trainer Natural Resources (TNR)
  • Watson Hall
  • Welcome Center
  • Wood Utilization Lab

 How does custodial serve campus?

  • Custodial finds that it serves all the students of the UWSP Community.  This is because we function in various buildings that involve the daily lives of many including Academic, Administrative, Residential and Centers facilities.  
  • Custodial has evolved to TEAM cleaning with Team shared procedures and groupings.
  • Custodial is Green Certified through the use of approved and environmentally safe cleaners and procedures.                         
  • Custodial sets up the majority of the events such as Convocation and Commencement related to celebrating UWSP student achievements.

 What are your hours of operation?

Custodial services campus from 6:00am to 12am (midnight) weekdays during the academic year.  During the summer, the schedule often changes to 6:00am to 9:00pm.

 Help! I have a bug, mouse or bat problem! What do I do?

Feel free to contact the Facility Services Main Office at x4219 or submit a work order. Facility Services staff can generally spray for bugs (typically ants or hornets) and can catch bats and mice for release back into the environment. Facility Services, also offers a few alternatives to spraying if appropriate, such as 'diatomaceous earth' or 'soap spray' for ant problems. These products offer a more friendly option for the environment than traditional insecticides.

 Can I call because of spills or broken glass in hallways or classrooms?

Yes, you can. There are Custodians in each building within radio contact to help with these issues. Safety is a priority for all of Facility Services, so do not hesitate to call so that the issue can be addressed quickly and before any injuries occur.

 What should I do if there is a blood spill?

Any blood spills on floors or fixtures constitute a possible hazard, possibly Hepatitis A or C, HIV, etc. and needs to be treated as a universal precaution. This means that people on campus that have been specifically trained to clean up and dispose of blood or bodily fluid spills safely and effectively to prevent any hazardous contagion or condition. All Custodians have received this training from UWSP Risk Management and can help.

 Does custodial lock or unlock doors for people?

Custodial personnel unlock most of the buildings we clean in the morning, usually around 6:00am, except for a few special buildings where the building staff open doors later in the morning. Custodial staff opens doors to rooms for cleaning purposes only. They are not authorized to open, lock or secure doors to any classrooms, department offices, or secured area. Permission to enter authorized or locked areas can be obtained from the department that directs the room or area, or by calling Protective Services.                         

Custodial staff follows this procedure: if a door is locked when they enter to clean, they relock it when their cleaning is completed. If the room is not locked when they enter to clean, they will not lock the door as they exit. Custodial staff, as well as all UWSP employees or students should call Protective Services for any emergencies or suspicious behavior.                         

Protective Services at 715-346-3456 (ext. 3456)

Furthermore, prior to entering any private office, our employees are instructed to knock first and announce their entry.  If they do not hear an audible response, they assume that they are able to enter.  The practice of entering a room without knocking should never occur in non-public areas.

Staff is trained to knock and announce their presence when entering to clean a restroom of the opposite gender.  If anyone is using the facility, they are instructed to wait until they are finished.  Staff will also block off the door of the entrance to a restroom while cleaning.

Custodial staff is trained to never interrupt a meeting, walk into a meeting or active class, or enter an office where it is obvious that business is being conducted.  They are instructed to come back but never to intrude.

 Does your staff clean office desks, bookshelves, furniture or fixtures?

Only when an office is vacated or personal possessions are moved or stored. As a rule, Custodial staff does not clean personal items, including personal carpets or rugs, pictures and furniture so that they are not subject to damage. Custodial cleaning chemicals and applicators are compatible with commercial carpeting and furnishings, and should not be used on personal items.

 What should I do if I require a furniture move?

For any office or furniture moves, please submit a work order or call x4219.  All moves should be scheduled, planned, and communicated as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that empty desks, cabinets, shelves, and other furniture are safer to move than full items, therefore please have these items emptied before the move. Many of the newer modular office furniture may need disassembly, so please plan accordingly. Always plan to have space for storage of office materials during any project or moves. Corridors are not a safe or secure place to store your items.

 What type of supplies / items do you provide?

Custodial can offer the use of a limited number of tables, chairs and staging components for events, please contact Conference & Reservations for further information.                         

Custodial provides consumables such as toilet paper, paper toweling and hand soap for the public restrooms on campus.  If these items need attention, please call x4219.

 What should I do if a light is not working?

The Maintenance work unit of Facility Services provides light bulbs for all public; non-specialty areas.  Please submit a work order or call x4219 to report any lighting issues.  The work order is then directed to the Facility Services Maintenance staff by the Facility Services Work Control Center.

 What kind of work do you do?

Daily Cleaning:                         

The Custodial Work Unit's primary goal is to assure that specific common areas are cleaned daily, especially those located directly in public heath related spaces.                         

  • Restrooms                         
  • Dressing Rooms, Locker Rooms                         
  • Classrooms                         
  • Laboratories, Computer Labs                         
  • Lecture Halls                         
  • Lobbies and Corridors                      

For a detailed description of how these rooms are cleaned, please click here.

These areas are cleaned every day, Monday through Friday. The DeBot Center and Marshfield Clinic Champions Hall receive weekend cleaning when these facilities are open. Department Offices and Suites are cleaned daily due to the high amount of traffic and public contact in these areas.                         

Bi-Weekly Cleaning:                         

  • Stairs                         
  • Entryways                         
  • Landings                         

For a detailed description of how these rooms are cleaned, please click here.

These areas are generally cleaned once each week depending on the faculty or staff member's schedule. Emptying trash and recycling takes place as well as dusting the floor and dusting any open areas like table tops and sills. Carpets are vacuum cleaned.                         

Weekly Cleaning:                         

  • Individual Faculty Offices
  • Main Departmental Offices

These areas are generally cleaned once each week depending on the faculty or staff members schedule. Emptying trash and recycling takes place as well as dusting the floor and dusting any open areas like table tops and sills. Carpets are vacuum cleaned.                         

Weekend Cleaning:                         

Custodial provides services on the weekends from 6:00am until 10:00pm for the following...

  • Set up and tear down of special events
  • Dining Facilities
  • Sports Activities

 What are your levels of cleanliness?

The Custodial staff is dedicated to ongoing improvement in delivering cleaning services to the UWSP campus. To accomplish this, Custodial adheres to the accepted, industry-tested principles outlined by the profession.      
APPA, an organization that UWSP Facility Services is a member of, seeks to create a positive impact in educational facilities, has set forth their own 'Standard of Cleanliness'.  This standard features 5 levels of cleanliness, combining a correlation between appearance levels and custodial staffing. Based on these standards, UWSP's Custodial staff is currently cleaning at a Level 2, Ordinary Tidiness grade, the second highest grade on the APPA standards list.      
The Custodial GOAL is to maintain Level 2 Standards within our buildings and all the areas that are serviced. The Custodial AIM is to attempt to reach Level 1 achievements in many of the areas on campus.      
Custodial also holds membership in ISSA which signifies a commitment to professionalism in the cleaning industry. ISSA-member organizations use acceptable ethical standards as defined within the ISSA Code of Ethics, which can be viewed online at In addition, ISSA members have access to comprehensive business-management and cleaning-service resources to realize improved employee recruitment and performance, reduced operating costs, better service delivery and public health protection, and enhanced knowledge of regulatory issues and industry news—all of which are designed to benefit their organizations as well as building occupants.

 What is "Team Cleaning"?

The Custodial method of service delivery is accomplished through 'Team Cleaning'. This means group effort, coupled with consistent techniques and procedures to bring UWSP sound, safe and timely custodial upkeep to our building assets. The Custodial Work Unit embraces the mission of Facility Services, "Advancing the academic mission through craftsmanship, artistry and exceptional service".                            

What you can expect is to see 2 to 3 people working as a team in your building. In an effort to cross train the staff, and for everyone to gain the valuable experience that is needed in each building across campus; there will be different personnel providing your custodial services throughout the year.

 How can I request special custodial services?

It is always best to call the number listed below to enquire about a special need or service that may be out of the ordinary. Special requests for additional services can be made through the UWSP Facilities Work Order System. Some of these extra services may be provided on a reimbursable basis. The online work request will be submitted to the Facility Services Work Control Center. Special moves, event needs and activity setup arrangements are processed through Work Orders as well. Select the 'Submit a Work Order' button on the left or follow the link in this panel to begin the process.                           

Facility Services Work Order Control Center at 715-346-4219 (ext. 4219)

 Are there changes to service during special events?

Throughout the year there may be changes in the 'normal' level of service that Custodial provides. Major campus events, emergencies and other extraordinary situations arise that can cause an interruption in general services. These may include large setups such as Convocation and Commencement that showcase the entire UWSP community and highlight our academic achievements and successes. Events such as these that are public celebrations of the UWSP mission and it is vital that Facility Services pool its resources in order for the event to be successful.           

Weather related emergencies, including snow events, require a change in our daily operational needs. Motivated by safety, our response to these often large snowfalls or icy conditions may cause a potential delay in routine cleaning operations. It is our goal to strive to give the campus the best effort even during these times. Your patience during weather related emergencies is greatly appreciated as we work to keep our campus open, safe and operational.                          

  • Grounds Services Work Unit's snow removal information can be found on this page.
  • Updated Severe Weather Alerts for Stevens Point, Wisconsin can be found on this page.

During cold and flu season, you will see efforts to stop the spread of germs throughout all Academic and Administrative buildings. Disinfecting touch points is a major key to keeping the campus healthy.

 What is cleaned during Summer & Winter break?

The cleaning performed during summer and winter break is known as 'Deep Cleaning'. This is typically when flooring is scrubbed and waxed, and carpets are shampooed. Along with this process comes the preparatory work of cleaning rooms from ceiling to floor. During the summer, Custodial washes light fixtures, walls, furnishings and seating. Indoor glass is also given special cleaning during this time. Only after this preparation can the flooring work proceed. Custodial uses quality products to maintain campus flooring.  This aids in conserving both water and cleaning solutions, as floors are stripped every 4 to 5 years. Campus flooring is scrubbed and new wax applied annually between the stripping cycles. Campus flooring consists of 6 to 8 coats of wax (8 coats in high traffic areas), when floors are scrubbed only the first 4 coats of wax are removed.                          

In summer, exterior window cleaning is offered. The work unit will use ladders or a boom lift to reach windows for cleaning. A system that eliminates the need for traditional glass cleaning chemicals is utilized. The system substitutes soft demineralized water for a cleaning agent.                          

During the winter break, the main objective is to wash vinyl tile flooring and eliminate any salt buildup. The Custodial staff will also wash and disinfect tabletops, desktops, door handles, drinking fountains and other 'high touch' points.                           

Custodial will be scheduling work with key individuals in each of the buildings for all specialized and deep cleaning, as well as using the Campus Reservation System (EMS) program to try and avoid scheduling issues. As always, Custodial appreciates your willingness to work with us during these times. Thank You!

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