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Sustainability Efforts in the Custodial Work Unit 

The Custodial Work Unit is 'Greenguard Certified' through the GREENGUARD ® Certified System. Along with healthy, high performance cleaning, the products and equipment that we use, along with our cleaning techniques are certified for indoor air quality and help to keep our staff and people in our buildings healthy. Custodial staff proudly deliver 'Green Cleaning' to the UWSP Academic, Administrative, Residential and Centers buildings on campus.

In addition to using non-toxic, hydrogen peroxide based cleaning agents that are specifically compatible with microfiber rag technology, our staff is routinely trained to use proper techniques to help keep themselves and others in our buildings safe by striving to keep the indoor air quality at safe levels.

Even the microfiber rags and mop heads that the Custodial Work Unit employ assist in the "Green Cleaning" process. Generally speaking, the microfiber used in cleaning cloths is made from a combination of two synthetic polymers, polyester and polyamide (which is nylon). In the highest quality microfiber cloths, these fibers are approximately 1/100 of a human hair in diameter. This makes the fibers barely visible to the naked eye. The fibers are bundled together and spun into thread which is then woven into cloth. This means that if you were armed with only water and a microfiber cloth, you are going to have a greater impact than when you employed conventional cleaning methods. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaners, along with a microfiber rag is going keep nasty chemicals out of our air and water systems.

Through this combination of training and products that are utilized, the UWSP Custodial Work Unit is making every effort to keep themselves and all persons on the UWSP campus safe from potentially harmful chemical exposures.

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