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Restroom Cleaning:
  • Sinks, toilets, urinals, flat surfaces, partitions, door handles, light switches and other touch points are properly disinfected and wiped dry.
  • Toilet tissue and hand towels are checked and restocked if needed. Towel dispensers are checked for good working condition.
  • Mirrors and metal fixtures are cleaned.
  • Soap dispensers are clean and filled.
  • Vents are cleaned of lint and other residues.
  • Sanitary bags are removed and replaced.
  • Trash and loose debris is removed properly from the room and trash receptacles.
  • Lights are inspected for good working conditions and fixtures are cleaned.
  • Floors are swept clean of debris and mopped.
Dressing Room / Locker Room Cleaning:
  • Where restrooms are present, they are cleaned as listed above.
  • Showers are foamed with disinfectant and scrubbed.
  • All metal fixtures are hand wiped clean.
  • Floors are scrubbed and mopped.
Classroom / Lecture Hall Cleaning:
  • Floors are dusted clean and mopped when needed.
  • Chalkboards / dry erase boards and their trays are cleaned.
  • Garbage and recycling receptacles are emptied and bags are replaced.
  • Desk tops and flat surfaces are disinfected along with common touch points like light switches.
Laboratories and Computer Lab Cleaning:
  • Floors are dusted clean and mopped when needed.
  • Garbage and recycling receptacles are removed and bags are replaced.
  • Light switches and door handles are disinfected.
Lobby and Corridor Cleaning:
  • Loose debris is swept or picked up and removed from area.
  • Hard floors are dust mopped, wet mopped around edges and auto-scrubbed.
  • Carpeting is vacuumed clean.
  • Entryways are dusted and spider webs are removed.
  • Glass in entry doors are cleaned, door handles and bars are disinfected.
Stairway and Landing Cleaning:
  • Stairs and landings are swept of debris and mopped clean of spills, soil and salt.
  • Glass is cleaned.
  • Railings and other touch points are disinfected.
Main Departmental Office Cleaning:
  • Garbage and recycling receptacles are emptied and bags are replaced.
  • Open surfaces, window sills and flat surfaces are disinfected.
  • Carpets are vacuumed clean.
  • Hard floors are dust mopped and wet mopped when needed.
Areas of Restricted Access:
  • Where Facility Services Custodial has have been asked not to clean (example: laboratories having red “NO CLEAN” icons), the departments responsible for these areas will assure the areas are cleaned in a manner that meets the cleaning expectations as outlined above. Regular custodial inspections will be scheduled and performed in these areas, just as in other areas of the buildings, and will be announced to the departments accordingly.

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