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Academic Concerns

Being a Pointer means going to class regularly, doing your work outside of class, and asking for help if there are questions or concerns.

Academic Misconduct
Copying off of someone's test, plagiarism, claiming credit for work that is not yours, and all other forms of academic misconduct are not tolerated at UW-Stevens Point. If a student is confused about what exactly academic misconduct is, there is information available regarding rules and procedures for the process. You can also visit with your faculty or learn how to cite the work of others at the Writing Lab.

Academic Success
Your full-time job at UW-Stevens Point is to be a student. Being successful depend a lot on how much effort and time you invest. It also asking questions or finding support if you feel lost. We have an amazing Tutoring-Learning Center if you want to learn how to be a better student or need subject-specific help.

Class Attendance
It is very important that you attend every meeting of your classes and labs. Yes, every day, every class. If you think you might miss a class, visit with your faculty right away. If you have already missed classes, go see your faculty now and get back to class. Click the link above for more ideas.

Concerns and Resources
As student's life is full of responsibilities and potential stressors. There are many great resources on campus and in our community to support students in need. If you don't see a particular type of resource, contact our office and will do our best to help. 715-346-2611 or

Disability Resource Center
UW-Stevens Point is committed to supporting students with disabilities the academic and other accommodations, plus the auxiliary aids necessary to ensure your success. To learn more, check out their site or visit them in the Collins Classroom Center (CCC).

The grades you receive on papers, exams, and for a class are one way we measure how much you have learned. Check out your syllabi for class-specific grading. We also have a GPA calculator to help you look at overall semester and cumulative GPAs. If you disagree with a grade during the semester, talk to your faculty. There is also a grade review process for final course grades.

Reporting Concerns
We are here to help! All of our faculty and staff understand that at times, life happens in a way that might get in the way of you being academically successful. Check out the list of concerns and resources as a first place to start.

Also, feel free to tell us what is going on, particularly if something feels too big to manage. Our goal is to understand what is happening and assist in the coordination of support and resources. We have a number of types of reports depending on the situation or circumstances. You can also reach us at 715-346-2611 or