Grade ​Review​​

Among the responsibilities of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Programs is to serve as the ombudsman for student academic concerns and the Coordinator for Grade Review, UWSP’s formal grading appeals process.

As outlined in the University Handbook, Chapter 7, Section 5, the formal grounds for a grade appeal shall ordinarily be as follows:
  1. The alleged failure of the instructor to provide to the students, not later than the end of the second week of classes, a written statement of how grades will be determined.
  2. The alleged failure of the instructor to assign grades according to the manner described.

Before filing an appeal, students are encouraged to consult first with their course instructor, the department chair, or the college dean if necessary. However, if the situation remains unresolved, students should send their appeal in writing to the address below. Grade Review requests are due no later than the fourth (4th) week of the following semester.

Policies related to student academic misconduct are governed by UWS/UWSP Chapter 14. For more information, please visit the Dean of Students website. Further questions should be directed to Dean of Students at:
Phone: (715) 346-2611, or Email:

For assistance with grade review or other academic policies related to classroom activities, please contact:

Todd Huspeni
Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning, and Strategic Planning 
Phone: (715) 346-4250