1. If a student anticipates any class absences for medical or exceptional personal reason (i.e. surgery, pregnancy, etc.) the student should contact their faculty members in advance to discuss their anticipated absence. It is up to the faculty member to decide what the student needs to do to make up any missed class work. Students be proactive in their approach and present a proposal to their faculty members stating what they would like to do to make up their work. The final decision however rests with the faculty member.

  2. If a student is too sick to attend class (fever, vomiting, and so on), remember that students have Student Health Services at their disposal. The Student Health Service policy on writing notes to excuse students from class is listed below:
  3. Many students experience illness or injury that requires them to miss class. In some cases, these students will be able to manage their symptoms without seeking medical attention. When possible, we encourage students to stay home and avoid the risk of spreading any infectious illness particularly during influenza season.

    As it is not an efficient use of staff time to be writing notes for faculty explaining the students’ decision to treat their illness or injury without seeking medical care, it is Student Health Service policy that, in general, we will not provide excuses for those absences from class.

    Students who do seek care at Student Health Service and are requesting a note excusing them from class may be provided with a note at the discretion of the treating clinician.

  4. If a student has already missed class, the student contact their faculty member(s) immediately after having missed class to explain the reason for being absent and to make arrangements for any missed assignments. The student can e-mail, call or schedule a face to face meeting with the faculty member(s).

  5. If a student is absent from class because of an emergency medical reason or exceptional personal reason, the student should contact the Office of the Dean of Students for support, in addition to contacting their faculty directly. Depending on the circumstances, our office may consult with the faculty about absences and anticipated return.

  6. If a student has contacted their faculty member(s) about an absence and they disagree with their decision about whether it is excused, please contact the department chairperson. If the student and the department disagree, the student can then contact the Dean of that college. If there are any questions about student rights and responsibilities, please contact our office at 715-346-2611 or dos@uwsp.edu .