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Wednesday Morning Workshops

April 1, 2020 ~ 9:00 am-12:00 pm


Lake District Commissioner Introduction (Limit: 40) - Wednesday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm


Are you a new member of a Lake District Board of Commissioners? Maybe your lake district recently formed. This workshop is meant to walk you through the basics of Wisconsin’s unique lake districts and the important roles that elected and appointed commissioners play in making them work. We’ll cover the basics of Chapter 33, the state statute that governs lake districts, and other relevant rules and laws that every commissioner should know.

Presenter: Patrick Nehring, UW Madison Division of Extension 

Links to presentations (PDF):
Lake District Commissioners Introduction (Nehring)

Link to video recording of live online event (YouTube):
Lake District Commissioner Introduction

Everything You Wanted to Know about Conservation Farming (But Were Too Afraid to Ask) (Limit: 25) - Wednesday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm


There are changes afoot in Wisconsin’s agricultural landscape that promise positive impacts for streams, rivers and lakes. More farmers than ever are utilizing cover crops, reduced or no-tillage, and other approaches to build soil health. Permanent plant cover is being sown in areas sensitive to erosion and runoff. Finally, agricultural producers are forming new bonds with each other and their customers to strengthen the resiliency of Wisconsin communities. This workshop will explore the most prominent trends in conservation agriculture and summarize local, state and federal programs that are facilitating farmer adoption of water-friendly practices. We will conclude with a facilitated discussion of ways that lake organizations and the agricultural community can collaborate towards a healthier landscape for all.

Jacob Grace, Grazing & Perennial Agriculture Specialist, UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems 
Jason Cavadini, Assistant Superintendent/Agronomist, UW-Madison Marshfield Agricultural Research Station 
Sarah River, owner, Primitive Pastures & Primitive Provider 
Derek Kavanaugh, Lakes and River Specialist, Green Lake County Land Conservation 

Links to presentations (PDF):
Deciphering the Alphabet Soups: A primer on utilizing cost share programs to improve your lakes (Kavanaugh)
A 40,000 ft. View of Wisconsin Agriculture (Grace)
Grazing & Perennial Crops (Grace)
Breaking the Cycle: Restoring Our Land with Regenerative Agriculture (Cavadini)
Community Supported Agriculture (River)

Link to video recording of live online event (YouTube):
Everything You Wanted to Know about Conservation Farming (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

Lakes in Action: Lake and River Organization Advocacy Training (Limit: 20) - Wednesday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm 


The Lakes in Action advocacy workshop will provide you the advocacy skills you need. You’ll learn best practices, how to build an advocacy campaign, how to craft your message to the proper audiences, as well as just what you can do as a nonprofit organization under the label of lobbying. Plus, we’ll pay special attention to what you can and cannot do as an organization during an election year such as 2020.  Through presentations, discussions, and roleplaying you’ll leave a better advocate and be able to lead your lake or river organization to become one as well.

Presenter: Mike Engleson, Executive Director, Wisconsin Lakes 

Link to presentation (PDF):
Lakes in Action: Advocacy 101 (Engleson)

Link to video recording of live online event (YouTube):
Lakes in Action: Lake and River Organization Advocacy

Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program Training (Limit: 20) - Wednesday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm 


This workshop serves to train volunteers to monitor mussels, but anyone with an interest in learning more about mussels is welcome to join. Classroom instruction will cover native mussel ecology, habitat, threats, and resiliency. Participants will also learn hands-on, how to identify native mussels using shell specimens collected from Wisconsin's lakes and rivers. We will focus on distinguishing mussels with similar growth forms and the differentiating habitats they occupy. This workshop will cover the guidelines for completing a mussel monitoring survey, as well as address the latest updates on mussel monitoring and research.

Jesse Weinzinger, Conservation Biologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Link to presentation (PDF):
Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program (Weinzinger)

Link to video recording of live online event (YouTube):
Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program 

Volunteer Management for Water Organizations - Wednesday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm 


Volunteers are an integral part of our Lakes Partnership and many local agencies and organizations count on volunteers to make specific projects successful. However, few people are trained in the fine art and science of volunteer coordination. This workshop will provide participants with best leadership practices and practical advice for recruiting, orienting, engaging, and recognizing volunteers. In viewing your volunteers as assets, you will be a more effective and efficient project manager.

Presenter: Judith Kingsbury, Volunteer Program Coordinator, Arboretum, UW-Madison

Link to presentation (PDF):
Volunteer Management 101: Building a Solid Foundation (Kingsbury)

Links to handouts (PDF):
Volunteer Dragonfly Monitor Position Description
Volunteer Steward Position Description
Team Leader Position Description
Volunteer Management Resources

Link to video recording of live online event (YouTube):
Volunteer Management for Water Organizations

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