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On Jan. 26, Gov. Scott Walker announced a University of Wisconsin System biennial budget proposal that includes reductions in state support while providing the UW System with increased operational flexibilities. The budget process will unfold over the next few months and will take time and input from many constituents before it is finalized. Check this site for continuing updates on the budget.​​

Do you have a suggestion or question regarding the potential budget cuts at UW-Stevens Point?  Click here to fill out an online comment form.   ​

​​UWSP​​​ In​​​​formation​​

October 14 ​Budget update 24 from Chancellor Patterson: Budget Reductions​
August 17 ​Budget update 23 from Chancellor Patterson: Budget recap, staffing, reinvestment.  Attachment: Budget Summary with Strategic Investments​
August 5​​​​ ​Ope​n forum: PowerPoint presentation​​
​July 23 ​Budget update 22 from Chancellor Patterson: Funding restored, forum in August​
July 12​ ​Budget update 21 from Chancellor Patterson: State Budget Approved.​
July 8 ​Budget update 20 from Chancellor Patterson: Voluntary Separation Incentive update​​​
​July 6 ​Budget update 19 from Chancellor Patterson: Plan to distribute GPR funding reductions.  Attachment: Memo from President Cross​.
June 5 ​Budget Email 18 from Chancellor Patterson: Regents' Action on Tenure​​​
​May 29 ​Budget Email 17 from Chancellor Patterson: Joint Finance Committee Action.  Attachments: JFC Omnibus Motion​ and UW System Omnibus Motion Analysis​.
May 28 ​​Budget Email 16 from Chancellor Patterson: UW System budget vote tomorrow​.  Attachment: JFC agenda.​
May 20 Email #2 to UW-Stevens Point Alumni from Chancellor Patterson
May 7 ​Budget Email 15 from Chancellor Patterson: Update on Budget Advocacy Efforts.  Attachment: Budget Advocacy Summary​
April 24 ​Campus budget forum: Update on Budget Reduction Planning (Presentation)​​
April 9 ​Budget Email 14 from Chancellor Patterson: ​​COFAC administration proposal update​.​
April 2​ Budget Email 13 from Chancellor Patterson: Information regarding the Volunteer Separation Incentive Program​ (VSIP).  Attachment: VSIP program description​.
March 20 ​​Email to UW-Stevens Point Alumni from Chancellor Patterson.​
​March 17 ​Budget Email 12 from Chancellor Patterson: Updates and resources for information about the proposed budget cuts.​​
March 13 ​Letter to UW-Stevens Point students and parents ​from the Student Government Association.  
​March 6 ​​Campus bud​get forum: Presentation details additional cuts to SEG programs and cost-to-continue​
March 6 ​​Revised Analysis of Possible Budget Reduction Scenarios for GPR, Segregated, Program Revenue-State Funds as Percentage of the 2014-15 Budget ​(include cost-to-continue estimates).
March 3

Budget Email 11 from Chancellor Patterson: UW System information regarding the UW System Authority.  (Attachments: UW Authority Q&AUW Authority Budget Summary​)   ​

February 2​5 Budget Email 10 from Chancellor Patterson: Informational resources regarding the proposed budget cuts.​
Fe​bruary 20​​ Budget Email 9 from Chancellor Patterson: Update on budget reduction process (attachment: Systemwide analysis of potential reductions in state funding (PDF)​​​)​​​
February 13 ​Budget email 8 from Ch​​​ancellor Patterson: Update on process to determine potential budget reductions​
February 11​​ Budget Email 7 from Chancellor Patterson to campus: Cost-containment measures implemented at UW-Stevens Point​​
February 11​​ Budget Email 6 from Chancellor Patterson to campus: Video clips offer Board of Regents meeting highlights​​​
February 9 Campus budget forum: Presentation details additional cuts, next steps​​​
February 6 Budget email 5 from Chancellor Patterson to campus: State segregated funds could be cut; possible base budget reductions by campus​​
February 5 Budget Email 4 from Chancellor Patterson to campus: Web page regarding proposed budget cuts created​​​
January 30 Campus budget forum: Presentation details early budget information​
January 28 Budget Email 3 from Chancellor Patterson to campus: Budget could cut $6 million to $7 million from UW-Stevens Point​​
January 27 Budget Email 2a from Chancellor Patterson to campus: Sharing the news release from the Governor's office and remarks from the UW System leadership.​​​
January 27 Budget Email 2 from Chancellor Patterson to campus​: UW System Pre​si​dent​ Ray Cross shares news of cuts, public authority
January 26 Budget Email 3 from Chancellor Patterson to campus: Biennium budget cut might be $300 million​​​​​

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​UW System Information

July 12 - Statement by President Cross on Budget Signing​

June 1Statement by President Cross and Board of Regents VP Regina Miller on JFC proposed changes to shared governance and tenure​​.

June 1Board of Regents President Mike Falbo statement​ on Joint Finance Committee action.

April 13Statement from President Ray Cross regarding the release of the April 13 budget errata letter by the Department of Administration.

April 6 - Letter from President Ray Cross and the Chancellors of the UW System​ to members of the Joint Committee on Finance regarding the 2015-17 state bu​dget.

March 5 - Board of Regents video webcast: Biennial Budget Update and Discussion of Potential Effects​
February 26 - Letter from UW System noting there is no language in the biennial budget bill currently before the Legislature that would change benefits currently available to UW System employees.
February 5 - VIDEO - UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank discusses the potential impact of the proposed budget cuts during her presentation to the Board of Regents (30 minutes).
February 5 - VIDEO - Regent Mark Bradley urges the Board of Regents to "advocate for the best interests of public higher education in the state of Wisconsin." (7 minutes)