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Welcome to the UW-Stevens Point Field Education Program

Field education is central to the development of competent, humane, knowledgeable, skilled, and effective social workers. It allows opportunities for applying classroom content and experiences to professional situations, developing and evaluating student readiness for professional practice, and developing collaborative partnerships among students, professionals, and university faculty. 
The purpose of this site is to provide information and resources to students and to the community professionals who agree to provide their field education supervision. Note to Field Supervisors:  Once you have reviewed the information on this site, please complete and return the Orientation Verification Form available below.  

Field Education Manual

This document provides a description of the UW-Stevens Point Social Work Program. It also outlines the procedures, policies, and roles associated with our Field Education Program.

Orientation Modules

To help field supervisors understand the UW-Stevens Point Social Work Program, how field education fits in, and the roles and responsibilities those involved, two voice-over power point presentations have been developed. The modules are relatively short, and together can be viewed in 50 minutes.  If after viewing them you have questions or concerns, you can find more detailed information in the Field Education Manual, or you can contact the UWSP Social Work Field Coordinator.
Introduction to Social Work at UW-Stevens Point (Video) 

Forms for Field Supervisors


Forms for Students

Social Work 494 Field Internship Application

External Links

Our accrediting body is the Council on Social Work Education, which has set forth standards for our program, as well as required competencies and practice behaviors that form the basis for our curriculum and for each student’s field experience.  
National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics
The NASW Code of Ethics articulates the basic values, ethical principles, and ethical standards of the social work profession. Students are expected to practice in keeping with the Code of Ethics.

Questions? Concerns?

Please contact Jess Bowers, MSW, APSW, Associate Professor & Field Coordinator at 715-346-2444 or
Thank You!
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