Departmental Hardware Purchases

Information Technology coordinates the purchasing of computers, printers, Info Tech-related accessories and software for UWSP business use.  All technology purchases at UWSP are subject to all the conditions related to the State of Wisconsin contracts.    

Please use IT Purchasing Forms to view default configurations for campus computers and tablets.  The configurations listed in the forms are sufficient to run software used in the Standard Campus Load.  If you want to custom configure a computer, please contact IT Purchasing for assistance.

Campus Printers, Audio Visual Equipment, Televisions and Document Cameras are being evaluated.  Please contact your IT Campus Support Team, or IT Purchasing, for more information/evaluation. If you don't know your Campus​ Support Team member, call the IT Service Desk (715-346-4357​) for help with identifying your team member.

Note:  Do not use HP's, Dell's, or Apple's sites to order any product.


Per UW System, all Information Technology related products, including hardware, purchased software and no-cost software, must go through a review process to make sure they are supportable in the UWSP computer environment. Each product is reviewed to make sure it will work with other technologies used at UWSP along with making sure it does not create an information security concern. Finally, the review will make sure the products are available through UW Systems purchasing practices.
Before requesting any Info Tech product, please send an email to the Information Technology Purchasing Office ( with the following info (where applicable):
  • Department Contact:

  • Account for Charges:

  • Business Justification (i.e., How is the product being used?, Are you logging in?, How?):

  • Software - Can it integrate with Canvas?:

  • Product URL/Website:

  • Privacy Policy (PDF or URL):

  • Terms and Conditions (PDF or URL):

Once the Information Technology Purchasing Office receives this information, they will begin the review process. Please allow one to two weeks for software reviews.

*Note:  Products must be reviewed EVERY year, even though some products may be renewals, and other products may be free.

Personal Purchases

For information on personal hardware:  Special pricing on hardware

If you have any questions related to IT Technology Purchasing, please let us know.

Contact Information

601 Division St
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Orders can be picked up between 8am-3pm. 
Please make an appointment to ensure a staff person is available.