Network & Wireless

UWSP NetworknetworkJack.jpg - Wired

UWSP operates a high-speed wired data network capable of delivering speeds to the end-user device of up to 1 GB/s depending upon location.

Data ports are available in nearly every classroom, computer lab, office, shop and in almost every building on campus. If you need to activate a jack, contact the Service Desk or enter an IT Work Order.

UWSP Network - Wireless

UWSP students, faculty, and staff should connect to the secure wireless network "UWSPWIRELESS."

"UWSPWIRELESS" is available in all academic and administrative buildings, residence halls, and also CWES and Treehaven lodges and lounge areas. This network is based on the 802.1x specification for secure user authentication, and WPA/WPA2 encryption.

Information Technology offers instruction pages to assist you in connecting your device to the UWSP wireless network.  If you are a student living in the Residence Halls please visit our Resident Room Wireless Tips

Outdoor Wireless

Wi-Fi is available from the locations shown in blue on the Outdoor Wi-Fi map​.  Your Wi-Fi connection may be limited in unmarked areas.  Please note that when transitioning between outdoor Wi-Fi and indoor Wi-Fi your device may take a few minutes to reconnect.  Switching your device’s Wi-Fi off and then back on should speed up this reconnection.

Wireless Access for UWSP Visitors

Visitors may connect to the guest wireless network or the eduroam wireless network.

Guest wireless network

"UWSP_Unsecure_Guest" is UWSP's guest wireless network available in all academic and administrative buildings.  During summers, "UWSP_Unsecure_Guest" is also available in UWSP residence halls.  "UWSP_Unsecure_Guest" is an open, unsecure network which provides limited access to UWSP resources. 

Note: UWSP services such as and are not available through this network.

To use this network, open the Wi-Fi network settings on your device and select “UWSP_Unsecure_Guest”. Once connected, a web page will automatically open and prompt for an email address (Hint: If a web page does not open, make sure your browser is not blocking it from “popping-up”). After entering you email address, tap “Submit” to finish connecting.

Eduroam wireless network

"eduroam" is a secure network allowing visitors from other colleges and universities to connect using the credentials of their home institution, provided their institution also participates in eduroam.

The eduroam wireless network is available in all academic and administrative buildings, and residence halls. For additional information on the eduroam federation visit

For instructions on how to connect a device to the UWSP eduroam wireless network, please visit our instruction pages.

Have questions?  Please contact the Service Desk.