Resident Room Wireless Tips

You may wonder why your wireless connection sometimes seems spotty. The wireless service you receive is dependent on many factors, being aware of some these factors can help you and others to enhance your wireless experience at UWSP.


Devices that broadcast radio waves at the same frequency as the UWSP Wireless network can negatively impact your wireless experience.

Disable the network created by a wireless Printer

A wireless printer can act as a wireless router and cause interference. To avoid this, you can:

  • Disable the printer wireless features and connect the printer using a USB cable. You will need to visit the manufacturer’s support page for the printer to get instructions on how to disable this feature.
  • Use the student use printers located throughout campus, instead of a wireless printer.

Limit the use of other devices that can cause Interference

Bluetooth enabled devices - many cell phones, tablets, keyboards, mice, microphones and other devices are Bluetooth enabled.

Cordless Phones that use the 2.4 GHz frequency can cause significant wireless interference.

Other devices include microwaves, wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers, Apple TV, Apple Time Capsules, Slingbox, wireless headsets and microphones, etc.

Power-off these devices (or disable this feature) when not in use or use wired alternatives as much as possible.

Personal Device Limitations

Issues with personally owned devices (laptops, smartphones, notebooks, etc) can affect the quality of wireless service you receive.

Manufacturer Defects

Software and hardware bugs can affect your wireless experience. A few things you can do:

  • Make sure that your device is up-to-date on all software patches, updates, and driver updates.
  • Check with the manufacturer web site for known issues. 
Personal wireless routers are prohibited on the UWSP network.

Wireless networking is an evolving technology which also has its own limitations which are beyond our control. Information Technology strives to ensure a good user experience, from commitment in staff time and budget to campus Wi-Fi infrastructure and service, use of leading technology, a validated design approach, infrastructure monitoring, and ongoing quality assurance. If you are having difficulty with the University’s Wi-Fi service, please report the issue to the Service Desk for further investigation and resolution.

Have questions?  Please contact the Service Desk.