Student Network Account Removal

If you are no longer enrolled in UWSP courses or if you have officially graduated, your UWSP account will be scheduled for deletion. 

Your UWSP Account will be removed 18 months from the first day of your last term. 

For example:

If you enrolled for Spring 2021 and you either graduated in May 2021, or did not register for future courses:

  • the first day of your final registered term begins in January, at the start of Spring 2021. 

  • Your account will be scheduled for removal in July 2022.  18 months from the start of the Spring 2021 semester.

​Will I receive a notice that my account will be removed?

Yes.  You will receive notices in your UWSP email from the UWSP Postmaster warning you about the pending removal of your account. These messages will include the exact date your account will be removed.   

Once your account has been removed you will no longer be able to log on to campus computers or access secure UWSP resources, including, but not limited to:
  • Email:  If you are subscribed to any important listservs or RSS feeds, you should unsubscribe your UWSP account from these lists and subscribe a personal email account.

  • Office 365 and OneDrive for Business cloud storage (at school and UWSP's free version installed for home use)

  • myPoint

  • Printing

  • Network access:  Guest network access is available to you once your UWSP account has been deleted. For more information visit the Guest Logon Accounts page and Network & Wireless page.

Can I still get to my files or emails after my account is removed?


Work stored in your UWSP email and OneDrive for Business cloud account is completely deleted during account removal.

It is up to you to prevent losing important work.  Save emails that may have important contacts or information. Make sure to make copies of any files you even suspect you may need.  Information Technology cannot restore files or email once your UWSP account has been deleted.

A convenient and inexpensive way to create a backup of your files is to save them to external storage media such as a CD, a key/flash drive or a personal Cloud service. 

If you installed UWSP's free Microsoft Office 365 software this software will become inactive when your UWSP account is removed.  If you have made copies of your school files there are free MS Office apps on Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple Store that can open Word, Excel, and ​ PowerPoint files to view and print.  You can also sign up for a free Microsoft Office 365 Online account or purchase a personal Microsoft 365 subscription to continue viewing and editing your files.

The UWSP Service Desk does not provide support for non-UWSP Microsoft accounts / subscriptions, or viewers.

What should I do to prepare for account removal?

  • Begin informing your important contacts that your UWSP email address will no longer be available.  Make sure to provide them with an alternate email address they can use to contact you.

  • Remove your UWSP student email address and add an alternate email address to your resume' and all other documents where it may be added.

  • Request a UWSP Alumni email account.

  • Update your primary email address in Handshake to not lose access to UWSP's Handshake portal and continue your job search after your student network account is removed.

  • Back up any important emails, and monitor your email account regularly until it is deleted.  Provide an alternate email address to any senders with whom you wish to remain in contact.

  • Make a copy of all of your files located in your UWSP OneDrive for Business. Once your account is removed you will be unable to retrieve this data.

  • UWSP licensed software such as Office 365 must be removed from your personal computer. 

  • Additionally, be sure to remove any customized software settings or configurations specific to UWSP from your computer/mobile devices. This may include configurations such as UWSP email, OneDrive for Business, wireless, etc.

Alumni Affairs offers complimentary email accounts to UWSP alumni!

What UWSP services can I continue to access until my account is removed?


  • You can can continue to access your UWSP email account. Access your UWSP email using Outlook Web App.

File Storage Spaces

  • You can continue to access and use your UWSP file storage.

MyPoint UWSP Portal

  • You can continue to log into your myPoint portal to access all of your academic records.

Printing Services

  • You can continue to print in campus computer labs at no charge to assist you in your career search and other activities that require professional documents, such as resumes, cover letters or grad school applications. You will not be billed for printing.

  • Additional personal printing services are available at the Printing and Design Office in the lower level of the Science Building or the University Book Store and Text Rental located in the Dreyfus University Center.

Public Computer Labs & Kiosks

  • You can continue to use computers located in the campus Public Computer Labs.

  • You can continue to use Kiosks located throughout the campus.


  • You can continue to access the secure UWSP Wireless network when on campus and print to a computer lab printer from the wireless network at no charge.​

For information on wired and wireless guest network access visit our Guest Logon Accounts  and Network & Wireless webpage.

Almost all other UWSP services that require your UWSP credentials will also remain available to you until your network account is removed.

Have questions?  Please contact the Service Desk.   ​​​​​