Account Requests​

Please carefully review the options below for requesting a guest account. UWSP's guest wireless network is also available for use on personal devices if access to a UWSP network computer is not needed.

Request a Community Visitor Account

Members of the community and UWSP alumni may request a UWSP logon and password that will allow them to log on to designated computers located on the main floor of Albertson Hall for up to 1 hour a day. These computers provide access to the Internet and library catalogs.

To request this type of account visit the Service Desk with a current photo ID.

Community Visitors may pay to print from the Library Circulation Desk or Printing and Design (Lower level of the Science building, room D018). Some local businesses provide duplicating and printing services, which can be found in the yellow pages of the Stevens Point telephone directory.

Please note: Guest accounts are not granted to minors. All UWSP guests accessing the UWSP network have to agree to abide by the UW-System Acceptable Use Policy. Violators of this policy will be denied continued access to the UWSP network and other computer resources.

Student Staff Account Request

Student Staff account is required for any student who:

  • ​​May access moderate or high risk data as defined by UW System Administrative Policies 1031 and 1031.A or who requires electronic door lock permissions in the course of their employment. Student roles that may have access to sensitive data include student employees, research assists, or students working in organizations.

  • AND / ​​OR

  • ​​​​Is hired as a UWS​​​​​​​P student employee whose work requires electronic lock or key tender access.

To submit a Student Staff Account request you must submit the request in DIMS

Student Staff accounts must set up Microsoft multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access secure systems and services.

Due to UW System Administrative Policies 1031 and 1031.A, to comply with data security access and compliance as well as requirements to complete Mandatory Employment Training courses, Information Technology and Human Resources created the below information to support student employment success.​​​

 Scenarios for student staff accessing moderate to high-risk data

Student employees may need a student staff account depending on their relationship with the institution and the level of data they will be accessing. This expectation aligns with UW System Administrative Policies 1031 and 1031.A

Prior to requesting a student staff account, ensure that you review DIMS to determine if a staff account for the student already exists.  Student employees only need one student staff account regardless of number of jobs at UW-Stevens Point. 

To determine if a student employee reporting to you will need a student staff account, use the following scenarios.

  1. The student employee attends UWSP as a student: 

    1. If the student employee will not access moderate to high-risk data (See 1031.A) via programs, software, shared network drives, Teams, SharePoint, etc, then the student employee does not need a student staff account. In this situation they can use their normal student account for work related items such as completing timesheets, accessing paystubs, taking mandatory employment trainings, and accessing low risk data (See 1031.A) related to their employment. 

    2. If the student employee will access moderate to high-risk data (See 1031.A) via programs, software, shared network drives, Teams, SharePoint, etc, then the student employee must have a student staff account separate from their student account. 

  2. The student employee does not attend UWSP as a student  

    1. The student employee must have a student staff account. (For example, they may be a student at another educational institution, such as SPASH, Mid-State, etc).

IMPORTANT: Students accessing High-Risk Data

If your student employee's work gives them access to high-risk data as defined in 1031.A (data such as SSNs, personal health information, etc), at minimum they are required to have student staff accounts.

To increase the security layer surrounding high-risk data within your department it is encouraged and preferred that your unit/department requests a role-specific department account be created for your Student Staff to utilize.

A Role-Specific Department Account:

  • Confines high-risk data access to a department-owned account ensuring the data is not made available to individual student staff accounts.

  • Can be restricted in logon access to department computers only.

For more information on how a role-specific account can increase data security within your department, including strategies for limiting logon access of a role-specific account to only your department computer(s), contact the Information Technology Office.

Other Account Request Forms

​​All account requests undergo an approval process through UWSP’s Information Security Office.

Please submit Account requests at least three business days in advance.

Administrator Privileges

Request the ability to elevate a personal UWSP account to admin on a specific university endpoint. You must be able to demonstrate a business need for this elevation.​

Example: A special purpose computer with a software package that must run under an administrative account when accessing peripheral devices.

​​​​Requests to install software are not approved through this form and will be deleted. See UWSP’s security review process​ for software.

Presenter / Workshop Account Request

Short-term accounts for presenters and attendees from outside of UWSP who are conducting or taking a workshop, conference, or presentation and require login access to UWSP computers.

Account types:

  • Individual accounts ​(Preferred). It is strongly recommended that individual accounts be requested for each presenter/instructor and attendee requiring access to UWSP computers. 

  • Shared accounts. Shared accounts may be requested but require additional adherence to compensating security controls. You will be made aware of these prior to request approval (for example, restricting the account’s access to a specific computer lab).

Generic Account Request

Generic accounts are accounts that are not associated with any specific individual.  

Requests for generic accounts will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Approval for a generic account will be based on business need, lack of available alternatives, and the ability to implement security controls to compensate for the absence of accountability associated with generic account usage.

Third-Party Account Request

Third-Party accounts are extended duration, single-person accounts for individuals who do not have a university appointment but require access to UWSP computers and/or other network resources due to a contract, affiliation, volunteer agreement, or other institutional or federative arrangement. 

To request this account type:

  1. First - complete the account request in DIMS to begin the provisioning process (access DIMS here), then,

  2. Second - complete the Third-Party Account Request form to obtain the necessary approvals.

Example: contractors, visiting lecturers, students from other institutions, UW System employees, and volunteers.

Expansion of Entitlements Request

Request access to additional systems for your existing UWSP account. This request process will send notification to system administrators and approvers responsible for those systems. You will receive notification when the approval is complete. 

Example: access to a SharePoint group or additional modules in AccessPoint.

Service Account Request

Service Accounts are accounts provisioned in support of a business process or computer system.  Service Accounts are very narrow in terms of scope, usage, and permissions. 
A Service Account should not be used as a day-to-day work logon or shared in any way. 

Criteria for service accounts:
1) Never used for interactive logon
2) Created and used in support of a technical or business process requiring automation
3) A demonstrable technical need for the account
4) Password must be kept in an encrypted vault
5) 16 character password that meets minimum complexity requirements

Criteria for two-year cycle:
1) All above, plus…
2) Never used for remote logon
3) Password vault only accessible to IT technical contacts supporting the service
4) 32 character password that meets minimum complexity requirements

Criteria for a five-year cycle
1) All above, plus…
2) Account is also not used for impersonation, batch processing, or process automation
3) Password vault only accessible to domain administrators
4) 64 character password that meets minimum complexity requirements

​​ ​