Time, Absence, and Earnings

The My UW system provides faculty, staff and student employees with an easy-to-use, secure gateway to online time, leave, and payroll information and "forms".

UW System Service Center provides information and tips sheets for navigating and using My UW.

​Faculty and Staff (Including Student Employees)

 Understanding Fair Labor Standards Act Exemption Status

Employees are either exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Non-exempt (or hourly) employees are eligible for overtime pay. Being exempt from FLSA means the employee is exempt from overtime pay. It is important to know your FLSA exemption status (non-exempt or exempt) as it impacts your working hours, expectations, time and/or leave reporting practices, and possible earnings.

Typically, Faculty, Academic Staff, Graduate Assistants (who are not classified as student help), Post-Doctorals, and Limited Appointees are exempt. Typically, University Staff and student employees are non-exempt (or hourly). Review your offer letter for more information and/or speak with your supervisor to verify your FLSA exemption. If you have not already done so, you may review the UWS Employee Categories information.

Due to biweekly or annualized earnings, an indivdiual may switch FLSA status. If this applicable, this information should be reflected in your offer letter and/or is communicated to you by HR.

To learn about what constitutes as worked and non-work time, such as breaks, travel, volunteering, and more review the Time Worked Guidelines, the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act website, DOL FLSA PPT for Exec, Managers, Admins, and Professionals (slides 53-66 can be most helpful), and the Wisconsin Department of Labor Standards.

 Access Your Time and/or Absence Report

Access your timesheet and absence request through My UW. Use the UW Time and Absence resources available for videos and screenshots to learn how to submit time, leave, and/or no leave taken. Choose the resources appropriate for your employment category and FLSA status.

 Report Time and/or Absence(s)

FLSA Exempt Faculty, Academic Staff, Graduate Assistants, and Limited Appointees should submit leave (or absences) or No Leave Taken for the prior month by the 5th of the month. Ex: By September 5, submit dates of leave or No Leave Taken for August.

FLSA Non-exempt employees (typically University Staff and some Academic Staff) should enter time and/or absences daily. However, at minimum, it should be done by the end of each week. Submit your timesheet to your manager for review by the end of each pay period. See the payroll schedule linked below.
Need to take leave for beyond 5 business days not for leisure or need to take leave without pay? See the Extended Leave section of this webpage.

 Check Your Leave Balances

Leave balances are available within My UW.

To learn about what leave your position is eligible for, visit the UWSP Benefits webpage.

 Payroll Schedule

 Understanding Your Earnings Statement

Understanding Your Earning Statement. Use each tab within the resource to understand your earning statement fully. Hourly employees are FLSA non-exempt (or hourly) and salary paid employees are exempt.

 Updating Payroll Information Tutorials and Tips

Update your W4: Tipsheet; Video, and see below.

How do I Determine How Much Tax I Should Have Withheld?

The Tax Withholding Estimator is a tool on the IRS website designed to help you determine how to have the correct amount of tax withheld from your paychecks so you don't have too much or too little Federal income tax withheld.

Before you use the tax withholding estimator:

  • Gather the most recent earnings statements for yourself, and if you are married filing jointly, for your spouse.
  • Gather information for other sources of income.
  • Have your most recent income tax return available.
  • Use whole dollar amounts in the estimator.

Update your Direct Deposit

Update your Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA)/Retirement Plan Benefits Savings: TipsheetVideo

 Extended Leave

Individuals taking leave beyond 5 business for their own medical, immediate family member medical, new parent leave/bonding, or military caregiver leave may be eligible for Family/Medical Leave (FML).

If the reason is for military service, the leave may be protected under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). Paid or unpaid leave may be used for a leave protected under USERRA. Use the UWS Military Leave webpage to request a leave and for additional resources. To notify UWSP of the leave, please contact your supervisor and UWSP HR at hr@uwsp.edu.

If the reason or eligibility does not meet FML or military leave criteria, individuals interested in taking an extended paid leave or any timeframe of unpaid leave due to personal, medical, or professional reasons, should use one of the following processes to request a leave.

  • Paid leave or leave without pay (LWOP) for personal medical reasons: Visit the UWSP Family/Medical Leave (FML) webpage for information
  • Paid leave or leave without pay (LWOP) for non-medical reasons: Request using the Non-Medical-Leave Request. Prior to requesting leave without pay consider that unpaid leave may impact benefits, including leave accruals and WRS creditable years of service and earnings. Review the resources on the UW System Leave of Absence page to understand the implications fully.

 Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program

• Please download and follow the verification request instructions
• Section 1 Borrower Identification and Section 2 Borrower Authorizations must be completed by the requestor.
• The Service Center will complete Section 3: Employment Information and Section 4: Employer Certification and return to the requestor.

​Managers and/or Time Approvers

In addition to the information above on this page, use the below resources to review, approve, and submit time and/or absences.UW System Service Center provides information and tips sheets for navigating time and absence review and approvals, earning

 Approving Time and/or Absence

As a manager or a time approver you may have two payroll timelines to follow! The timelines are base on the employee's FLSA status.

Tip! Use your UWSP Outlook calendar to track and set aside time for montly and biweekly reviews and approvals.

Approve absences (leave) or No Leave Taken reports for FLSA Exempt Faculty, Academic Staff, Graduate Assistants, and Limited Appointees for the prior month by the 8th of the month. Ex: By September 8, approve dates of leave or No Leave Taken for August.


Approve time and for FLSA non-exempt employees (typically University Staff, some Academic Staff, and student employees) using the following timeline for the Monday following each pay period end date (see payroll schedule above for dates).
  • Approvers review/resolve time exceptions by Noon Monday
  • Approve payable time (including leave) - if no exceptions by Noon Monday
  • Approvers review and resolve time exceptions on approved/corrected time (after 2 pm Monday)
  • FINAL DEADLINE to approve payable time (and/or leave) is 4 pm Monday

The above timeline is the "worst case" of approval of payable time. If all the time has been entered correctly, review and approval will only need to be done once.

Example: Pay period ends on August 29, 2021. Your completed/final review, resolution of any issues, and approval is due by 4 pm on Monday August 30, 2021.

Additional tip for either type of payroll approval: Allow for overnight processing!

  • Time administration must run to check for any corrections nightly.
  • Ensure absence requests are approved at least 1 day prior to approving a timesheet.
    • If absences have been approved please DO NOT approve timecards immediately as this will result in negative time.

 Additional Policies and Resources

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​Frequently Asked Questions for Time, Absence, and Earnings


Have Time, Leave, or Earnings Questions?

Faculty and Staff:

Contact UW Shared Services Payroll Team at 888-298-0141 orpayroll@uwss.wisconsin.edu.

Student Employees

Contact Jake Shearier at 715-346-4085 or jshearie@uwsp.edu