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Reminder - Education majors are required to read this weekly newsletter!

Week of February 6, 2023

Welcome to week 3 of the semester!

Now that the semester is under way, some big deadlines are coming up.  Please read this newsletter carefully so that you do not miss these important deadlines.  Summer classes can now be seen in accesspoint in the “search for classes” tile.  Summer and fall registration/advising dates can be found below as well.

Have a great week everyone!

Fall 2023 Student Teaching Applications due by 4:00pm Monday, February 6.

Just a friendly reminder to those planning on student teaching in the fall, you should have attended one of the mandatory student teaching meetings on Friday, January 27 and the deadline to apply is 4:00pm today. 

GPA Exception Application Deadline – 4:00pm, Tuesday, February 7

If you do not meet the 2.60 cumulative GPA required to apply to the Professional Education Program, but meet the Exception Policy​ criteria on our website, you are eligible to apply for a GPA exception.  NOTE:  We cannot approve anyone who des not meet the requirements.

Professional Education Program Application Deadline – 4:00pm Wednesday, February 22, 2023

NOTE: Admission to the Program is required for a number of courses you must take and missing this deadline could extend your time in school.  
The deadline to apply to the Professional Education Program for the spring 2023 semester is 4:00pm Wednesday, February 22. NOTE: a deadline is not the only day to turn in an application, it is the last day. Please do not wait until the deadline to apply as it takes time to process them all.  Only completed applications will be accepted.

Applications are now being accepted in the School of Education Academic and Career Advising Center, 469 College of Professional Studies. Directions on applying have been emailed to everyone by Maggie Beeber and can be found in this Newsletter under Announcements and in your SOE Advising Guide as well as on our website.
Remember, some majors and minors require additional items to be submitted to the Department of the major and the application and required criminal background check must be received by our office.  For more information on additional requirements, see our website.
Not sure if you should apply?  Check out the requirements in your advising guide or our website.  If you have a graduation plan, you should check that.  We can only accept applications from those who meet all requirements to apply.  If you are still unsure, feel free to email me at mbeeber@uwsp.edu with your name, ID# majors/minors and ask if you should be applying to the program.

Registration Information for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023

  • Schedule of classes/Shopping carts/Registration times
Now: Summer schedule is available in accesspoint under “search for classes.” 
Monday, March 6: Fall schedule of classes, shopping carts go live and registration appt times set.
NOTE:  When you open accesspoint, choose MY CLASSES and then look at your “registration dates.”  Choose the term you want to see and you will your start date/time for your appointment.  Do not scroll down to “open enrollment” as that is after everyone on campus registers.  You do not want to register later than your assigned date and time or you may not get the courses you need. 

Summer registration dates – note that this is happening AFTER Spring Break this year…not the week before. 

Monday, March 27 @ 12:01 a.m. – Seniors (90 credits or more completed towards graduation)
Tuesday, March 28 @ 12:01 a.m. – Juniors (60 credits or more completed towards graduation)
Wednesday, March 29 @ 12:01 a.m. – Sophomores  (30 credits or more completed towards graduation)
Thursday, March 30 @ 12:01 a.m. – Freshman  (under 30 credits completed towards graduation)
Monday, April 3 – non degree seeking students 

Fall Registration dates  

Registration for Fall will begin in Week 12. 
Beginning April 17: Seniors and priority registration students 
April 19: Juniors 
April 21: Sophomores 
April 26: Freshman 

Withdrawing and Adding Courses

Withdrawing or adding a 16 week course February 3-April 8 requires special permission ​and withdrawals result in a "W" on your transcript, which does not affect your GPA.  There is a Late Drop and Late Add form in your accesspoint FORMS tile and you must use this in order to accomplish this.

Get Involved

We highly recommend that all teaching intent students are involved in at least one student organization involved in teacher education each year.  You will be invited to their meetings through this newsletter and some through your email as well.  This is a great way to stand out among your peers when you are applying for jobs.  Many students are involved every year they are in school and that is your competition!  Most meet one hour per month.

Recommended Support Services

We strongly recommend going to these websites now and bookmarking them as FAVORITES in order to easily reference them:
Maggie’s Open Advising Hours – dates, times, location and what to bring with you
UW-Steven Point Student Health Service  - There are so many health related services that are free or at reduced costs to students (paid for by your segregated fees) – check it out!
Tutoring Available through the Tutoring Learning Center 
Student Message of the Day – this is sent to you via email.  Upcoming social events, important academic and career events and deadlines are all found in that email.

Looking to get involved? 

The Stevens Point Involvement Network (SPIN) is the "go-to" place to find UWSP student organizations and campus activities. Login to spin.uwsp.edu​ or download the CORQ app to get started.  This newsletter will also post School of Education student organization meetings, job and volunteer opportunities, events, etc.

Meeting with Maggie Beeber

  • ​All students who have not attended a teaching intent meeting, which is mandatory, have received an email from Maggie Beeber asking you to sign up for this meeting.  Please sign up right away if you receive this email.
  • For quick questions, please see Maggie during her Open Advising Hours, posted in this newsletter each week.  Please do not call to sign up or ask for hours as we have limited staff.  All information is in this newsletter each week by clicking the Open Advising link in this newsletter. 
  • If you have a question that will take more time, of Maggie’s Open Advising hours do not work, or if you prefer a virtual meeting, please call our office, 715-346-2040, or stop by 469 College of Professional Studies to set up an appointment.  We cannot make appointments via email.
Please have the following available to you for any meetings:
  • ​Printed Major/minor planning sheets you have already received
  • Printed Graduation Plan (if you have one) if meeting with Maggie in-person
  • Printed Up-to-date Degree Progress Report from accesSPoint (choose Degree Progress, then “Open as .PDF,” then print). 
Have a great week!

Maggie Beeber

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator 
& Teacher Certification Officer
School of Education
469 College of Professional Studies
UW-Stevens Point



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