​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Reminder - Education majors are required to read this weekly newsletter!

Week of May 13, 2024 – Final newsletter of the year!

Good luck to everyone on a successful finals week! Congratulations to those of you who are graduating or completing a program. We are so very proud of you!  For the rest of you, we can’t wait to see you this summer or next fall. Make sure you all take time this summer to rest, relax and have fun 😊

If you plan on taking time off of school or leaving UWSP, there are forms in the “forms” tile in accesspoint to indicate this.  Please do that right away if you have not already done so.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE:  Here are a few highlights of things to do and know:
  • Not registered yet or still need to get into classes?  See below for helpful directions.
  • You are required to read your email throughout the summer and all breaks. Remember, if a class is cancelled, you get an email asking you to enroll in something else. No one calls you. Others may also be trying to reach you.
  • Student Teaching next spring 2024? You must sign up for a mandatory student teaching application meeting taking place in September -sign up was required by May 10.  We do quite a bit of work in the summer to prepare for this meeting and you must be signed up for a meeting in order for us to do this on your behalf. You received 2 emails from the Field Experiences Office asking you to take care of this. If you forgot to do this, email them immediately asking them if they will still allow you to sign up field.experiences@uwsp.edu  They will need your name, ID#, majors/minors and which meeting you want to attend.
  • Review the advising guide this summer – We recommend reviewing the advising guide at the start and end of every semester. Make sure you are meeting expectations and assess yourself on where you land on the disposition expectations at the end of the guide.
  • Log your experiences – Remember, you must keep a log of all of your experiences. Examples:  Organizations you are involved in, jobs or volunteer work you have done, practicum/pre-clinical experiences for your courses. We recommend keeping track of when you did this work, who you worked with, how many hours you put in, and what kind of work you did.
  • SOE Advising office is open all summer – don’t forget we are here throughout the summer if you need any assistance or need to talk through anything.
  • Requirements to apply to the Professional Education Program are changing this fallhttps://www.uwsp.edu/education/school-of-education/student-resources/advising/admissions/
  • Spring grading deadline – all grades are required to be entered into accesspoint by 2:00pm Thursday, May 23rd.  Do not rely on canvas for your final grade. Make sure you check your grades in accesspoint.

Have a great week!
Maggie  Beeber​

Fall registration –If you missed your registration appointment, register as fast as you can.  Do not wait!  If you need help, feel free to call our office for an appointment, 715-346-2040.

Check your Degree Progress Report 

Now that you are registered for fall, it is a good idea to check your degree progress report to ensure your classes are landing where you thought they would and you can see what you still need to take.
You can find your degree progress report in accesspoint under DEGREE PROGRESS.  Once you open it, click VIEW AS .PDF.  You will be able to see all of your credits required, what general ed requirements you are meeting and those not yet satisfied, then you will see all ​of your course requirements and GPAs for the programs you have indicated.  It is important to be checking this after you register every semester and then again when your grades are posted every semester.

Meeting with a School of Education Adviser

If you would like to meet with an education adviser, please either call our office, 715-346-2040, or stop by, 469 College of Professional Studies to set this up.  We do not set up appointments via email or in Navigate.

Maggie Beeber – all teaching majors and teacher licensing questions
Breanna Cychosz – ECE, Elementary and Special Education
Karla Landwer – Physical Education and Secondary/K-12 majors​​

Please have the following available to you for any meetings:
  • ​Printed Major/minor planning sheets you have already received
  • Printed Graduation Plan (if you have one) if meeting with Maggie in-person
  • Printed Up-to-date Degree Progress Report from accesSPoint (choose Degree Progress, then “Open as .PDF,” then print). 

Other Resources you should link as favorites in your browser:

Get Involved 

We highly recommend that all teaching intent students are involved in at least one student organization involved in teacher education each year.  You will be invited to their meetings through this newsletter and some through your email as well.  This is a great way to stand out among your peers when you are applying for jobs.  Many students are involved every year they are in school and that is your competition!  Most meet one hour per month.  Take a look at UWSP Campus and Student Engagement Office where you can find student organizations to join and job and volunteer opportunities, as well as SPIN​.

​Thinking about teaching out-of-state?

Some states may require additional assessments and/or courses prior to applying for their license. The University of Kentucky College of Education provides links to Teacher Certification By States​.  You can click any state to see what they require if you have earned your teaching license outside of their state.​
  • Click above for information on Open Advising and Appointment directions

Meetings & Events​​​​​​​



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  • FoRT Tutoring

  • FoRT Scholarship

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  • Early Childhood Educators (Newsletter​​​)

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  • Exceptions Application Deadline - February 7
  • Professional Education Application Deadlines - February 22
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