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Educational Resources

The Waterfowl Project

Educator Resource Sheet- Waterfowl Project

Fact sheet - Waterfowl Project


The Gray Squirrel Project

Educator Resource sheet - Gray Squirrel Project

Fact sheet - Gray Squirrel Project.


The Adopt A Wildlife Area Project

Educator Resource Sheet - Adopt A Wildlife Area Project

Fact Sheet - Wildlife Habitat Management


The Wild Bird Project

Educator Resource Sheet - Wild Bird Project

Fact Sheet - Northern Saw-Whet Owl 


The Small Mammal Project

Educator Resource Sheet - Small Mammal Project

Fact Sheet - White-Footed Mouse


The Flying Squirrel Project

Educator Resource Sheet - Flying Squirrel Project

Fact Sheet - Southern Flying Squirrel


Travel and Reimbursement Forms

UW System Covid 19 Draft Travel Request Form

UWSP Student Prepaid Expense Agreement

SGA Travel Exp Rpt Dec2016.pdf

Student Organziation Non-Employee Profile Request Form

Fleet Services - Approved Driver Forms

Purchase Requisition-Special Needs.pdf

Chapter Resources

Chapter Constitution (updated 2020)

Constitutional Bylaws (updated 2017)

Rubric for Social Media

Valuable Links/Resources

Jobs & Internships


Other TWS Student Chapters