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Goals of the Wildlife Society:

  • Develop and promote sound stewardship of wildlife resources and the environment upon which wildlife depend on
  • Take an active role in preventing human-induced environmental degredation
  • Increase awareness of wildlife issues at the University and throughout the community
  • Follow highest standards of professionalism in the field of natural resources

The Wildlife Society Offers You:

  • The opportunity to meet other students and work with professionals in natural resources
  • Valuable experience and knowledge in wildlife field work
  • Many levels of involvement -- student members can become board officers, project leaders, and research participants
  • Development of leadership and communication skills
  • A chance to get involved with a campus organization and the environment

​Meet the Officers

President: Alayna Reynolds

Vice President: Zephyr Lopez

Treasurer:  Molly Moder

Secretary: Emily Michalzik

Liaison:  Heather Ceranske

Conference Coordinator: Logan Maier

Education Coordinator: Sophie Reid

Social Coordinator: Adrienne Cohoon

Membership Coordinator: Ryan Burmester

Web Designer: Dana Lotz​

TIDE Officer: Maggie Handfelt​​​