Genetic Analysis Service

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has established a new Genetic Analysis Service (GAS) available for UWSP faculty and students. The Department of Biology has a new Applied Biosystems 310 Capillary Genetic Analyzer that is housed in the newly renovated Genetics Lab in room B212 of the Science Building, to be used for both teaching and research purposes. The system can determine the DNA sequence of any part of any genome, from viruses to humans. In addition, it can generate DNA fingerprints from any organism and without any prior knowledge of its DNA. These services can be used in a wide variety of disciplines, such as gene identification, mutation detection, genetic relatedness, genetic disorders, disease detection, species identification, and evolution.

Cycle-Sequencing and Electrophoresis Service:
If you have a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) product that you want to get sequenced, purify the DNA PCR reaction using the Qiagen PCR purification kit. Then quantify your DNA using a fluorometer. Samples can then be sequenced for you for $20 per sample. This charge is used to defray the costs of cycle-sequencing reagents, sample purification and capillary electrophoresis.

Click on the following protocol links to download your own copy of the directions.

Gel Electrophoresis Service:
If you would prefer to save on costs and perform your own cycle sequencing and sample purification, then samples are electrophoresed for just $5 per sample. Click on the Cycle-sequencing protocols to download your own copy of the directions. Your samples will then be prepared and electrophoresed for you by the GAS Service. Click on capillary electrophoresis to learn about the protocol used to sequence your samples.

The DNA Fingerprinting Service is available for $5 per sample. The service will perform gel electrophoresis on your DNA fragments that were generated by fluorescently tagged primers.

Click on the following protocol link to download your own copy of the gene scanning directions.
If you are interested in using any of these services,
please contact Dr. Diane Caporale at:
Phone: 715-346-3922
Room: CNR 437
Click on Order Form and Invoice to download your own copies to print.