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Join us! Find your creative career. 

Today’s creative economy needs graduates ready to be innovators, collaborators, and makers. Our Art & Design programs at UW-Stevens Point prepare you with skills to meet those challenges.

Students choose us because of our reputation for a welcoming community, passionate, supportive professors, excellent preparation for professional job placement, and great flexibility to build a degree program that matches their unique interests.  

We are evolving! This fall Art & Design will join forces with Interior Architecture, Media Studies, and Professional Communication to become the new School of Design and Communication. We are the only multi-disciplinary school like this in the UW System, so we can offer exceptional opportunities for you to learn collaboratively and become innovators!

Art & Design programs 

We offer three majors in Art and Design: Art, Graphic Design, or Studio Art. With these there are two different degree tracks, the BFA which is an intensive professional preparation degree in Art or Design; and the BA which is the Liberal Arts degree. We also have minors in either Studio Art or Art History. 

  • Graphic Design (BFA) 
    Our BFA in Graphic Design will get you ready to enter the professional field of design where you can thrive and grow, whether that is working for a company or starting your own. 

  • Art (BFA)

    Our BFA in Art is called the Integrative Studio Arts degree which provides professional training to guide you towards a place in the creative economy that will be fulfilling for you.

  • Art (BA)
    Our BA in Art easily combines with other majors such as Business, Biology, Communication, or Psychology. This degree program allows you to pursue professional interests while staying connected to and growing your creative talents.

Minor in Studio Art

Our Minor in Studio Art is a great way for you to dip a toe in the creative waters. At only 21 credits you can take the Art Minor and add other Minors to it.  If you like the Art experience you are having, you can easily grow the Minor into a BA because all of the entry courses are the same. Enjoy the connection to your creativity with the Minor in Studio Art as a nice place to go while you focus on your other studies.

Minor in Art History

We also have a Minor in Art History which is very easy to add to any of our degree tracks. Whatever your aspirations are, knowledge of Art History helps you see the world more richly. Our dedicated faculty in this area are passionate about helping students understand the power of visual culture, globally, throughout history, and in our world today. If you are thrilled by Art History, and motivated, they can assist you in navigating your way to further study in graduate programs.

Pursue Success

At UW-Stevens Point we work with students individually to realize their career goals. Our faculty work professionally as artists, art directors, consultants, graphic and environmental designers, and exhibition curators. Their dedication and variety of experience helps ensure our students are successful.