What Are the Honors Program Requirements?

In order to complete the University Honors Program, students must complete the following requirements. Other than the GPA requirement, there is no requirement that these be completed by any particular semester. Nevertheless, it is recommended that students aim to complete their Enrichment Activity in their Junior Year and the Student Research in their senior year.

GPA Requirement

  • Students need a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time of graduation in order to complete the University Honors Program. University Honors Students need to reach a minimum GPA threshold at the end of each academic year (assuming 15 credits per semester) in order to maintain their standing in the University Honors Program. After completing 30 credits, students should have a cumulative 3.2 GPA or above. After completing 60 credits, students should have a cumulative GPA of 3.3or above. At 90 credits, 3.4 GPA. Beyond 90 credits, University Honors students need to maintain a 3.5 GPA or above. Students who fall below these thresholds will be informed by the Associate Dean of the University Honors Program informed that they are being removed from the University Honors Program for failing to maintain their GPA expectations.

Course Credits Requirement

  • Students need to complete a minimum of 12 credits in Honors courses. This brief video explains how to locate Honors courses in the upcoming semester.

Honors Enrichment Activity Requirement

  • Students will need to complete an enrichment activity on the following list.
    • Working with an advising mentor to complete an independent research project, or service learning project
    • Completing one year of the Honors Ambassador Program
    • Completing a study abroad program
    • Completing a one-semester internship
    • Completing a semester as a tutor or peer mentor in the TLC
    • Holding office for one year in an official UWSP club or office
    • Completing a year on the leadership team in Residential Living
    • Contact the Associate Dean of General Education and Honors to discuss additional opportunities for completing the enrichment requirement.

Student Research Requirement

  • Students need to take part in the symposium for their major, in which they work with a faculty advisor to present original research or artistic projects to students, faculty, and community members. Symposiums are offered each year. For information about the CNR Student Research Symposium, click here. For information about the COLS Student Research Symposium, click here. For information about the COFAC Symposium, speak with your advisor. CPS does not offer an annual student research symposium, so students in a CPS major will need to complete two different enrichment activities.

In order to receive credit for the Enrichment activity and Student Research, students should work with their advisor or mentor who will confirm that the project has been completed and submit the paperwork so that the student has received credit toward the University Honors requirements.