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Changing Gender Identity or Gender of Expression

To assist in providing a comfortable and non-discriminatory University experience for students whose gender identity or gender expression does not conform to their assigned legal sex at birth, UWSP will allow students to change their gender of record. Students can make such a request by completing a Change of Gender Form and by submitting one of the following documents. (The gender change requested on the form must match the proof of gender on the documentation.) 
  • Documentation from a qualified health care provider
  • A birth certificate or court order
  • A valid driver's license or passport


Gender is not included as "directory information" and will not be disclosed.  For further information on disclosure of directory information, please refer to UWSP Guidelines for Compliance with the Family Educational rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Disclaimer: This policy does not form a contract of any kind and may be modified, changed, altered, or rescinded by UWSP at its discretion.
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