Undergraduate Program Description

The Paper Science and Chemical Engineering (PS&ChE) Department at UW-Stevens Point prepares students for engineering careers in the chemical and paper manufacturing industries. Students are challenged with mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering fundamentals while learning the science and technology associated with the manufacturing processes.

Course offerings include mass and energy balances, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, kinetics and reactor design, thermodynamics, process dynamicsand control, wood and pulping chemistry, paper and fiber physics, and colloidal chemistry. The programs lead to a bachelor of science degree. Please view the Paper Science and Engineering curriculum (UWSP catalog) or the Chemical Engineering curriculum (UWSP catalog)

Student coursework frequently uses the only paper machine designed specifically for teaching purposes in the United States. This unique laboratory facility is a significant enhancement to the learning experience for UW-Stevens Point Paper Science and Chemical Engineering undergraduates.

Job placement upon graduation is excellent. Geographically, 50% of the UWSP Paper Science and Chemical Engineering alumni work in Wisconsin while the other half work in locations across the country. Several graduates of the program are now in senior management positions within the manufacturing industries.

Department Mission

The UWSP Paper Science and Chemical Engineering programs are committed to preparing students for successful technical careers in the pulp, paper and chemical industries. This mission is accomplished by promoting excellence in instruction, undergraduate research opportunities, industrial internships, and involvement in professional organizations.
The UWSP Paper Science and Chemical Engineering Department is also committed to providing high quality outreach education opportunities for professionals in the pulp, paper, and allied industries. This mission is accomplished by continued development of courses beneficial to industry professionals that will improve their understanding of the processes for which they are responsible.

Department Details

Below is information about the Paper Science & Engineering (PS&E) and Chemical Engineering (ChemE) programs.  Please click on the title to expand the section that you are interested in learning more about.

The Paper Science and Engineering Program and the Chemical Engineering Program are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org  


Additional​ Tuition: Paper Science and C​​​​​​​​hemical Engineering

Beginning in the Fall 2023 term and each term thereafter, students enrolled in any PSEN courses numbered 200 and above will be assessed an additional $75.00 per credit tuition. The funds from this assessment will support:

  • Maintenance of current laboratory facilities
  • Acquisition of new equipment for both chemical engineering unit operations and paper science laboratory facilities
  • Student research and travel

We want to provide more engaging, hands-on experiences for all PS&ChE students. Our goal is to provide an excellent educational experience that will prepare students for success after graduation. The Student Government Association at UWSP and the Board of Regents at UW-System approved this additional tuition increase.​​​

Student Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

Student Enrollment

Student Graduation Information

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20​2020-2​​1
Paper Science & Engineering 9 7
13 10
Chemical Engineering
7 10 17 15 14
Graduates placed in field of study 9 7 10 17 15