​Request a Department Team Site

To request a Department Team Site please submit an IT Workorder or contact the IT Service Desk.

IT-supported Department Team Sites are replacing the shared file drives (DFS) currently used for file storage within a department as the new long-term shared file storage solution.

"IT-supported" means that:

  • Information Technology has an automated process for creating Department Teams Sites.  No set up work on your part.

  • Information Technology will assist departments in migrating the contents of their shared drives to the Department Teams Site.  Department Teams Sites are created for long-term document storage by departments and their members.  Other Team sites will be subject to a 1-year inactivity expiration policy. 

  • Department Teams Sites are preconfigured with a private "Admin" channel for storing documents requiring restricted access.  This private ​channel is available only to department administrative staff.

  • IT-Supported Department Teams Site membership is based on employee appointments within the department and is automatically maintained.

Have you already created a Teams site for your department?  IT can update your existing team site to a Department Teams Site!

But Teams is so much more!

Teams is so much more than a place to share department files.  Department members also have access to all of Teams rich feature set.

  • Use Teams channels and chat to keep department conversations organized and out of your email.

  • Add Wikis, Microsoft Forms, and other tools to your channels.

  • Use Teams video/audio calls to have quick conversations with co-workers - just as easy as walking down the hall to their office on campus. 

  • Department file storage in Teams is accessible through web browsers - much easier than DFS access.

  • And Teams is a GREAT collaboration tool!

Learn more about Teams here!