Applying for Accommodations

To qualify for academic accommodations, a student must provide documentation of their disability and engage in an interactive process with DRC staff to identify and establish reasonable accommodations.

DRC staff are available throughout the summer and break periods.

UWSP at Marshfield or UWSP at Wausau Students: Although the DRC is physically located on the Stevens Point campus, DRC staff work closely with branch faculty and staff to implement accommodations. Please follow the steps to qualify for accommodations and contact us if you have questions.

3 Steps to Apply for Accommodations

Note: The following steps do not necessarily need to be completed in order. Students who want to meet to discuss potential accommodations can schedule a consult at any time.

1. Establish a DRC Connect Account

  • Use the REGISTER button above to enter your contact information in our online portal, DRC Connect. Please use your UWSP email address, if you have one set up when you register.
  • If you have questions about accommodations or getting qualified, please feel free to contact the DRC office at 715-346-3365 or
  • If you have questions about the university’s admission process, please contact Admissions at 715-346-2441 or
  • If you have questions about Placement Testing, please refer to the UW System Placement Testing procedures: Placement Testing - Testing Services | UWSP
  • For special Housing requests, please see the information/process on the Residential Living page: Housing and Residence Life - Medical Accommodations | UWSP
  • For setting up special Food Service needs, you’ll need to contact the Dietary office: Dining Services - Dietary Resources | UWSP
  • If your primary accommodation is an Assistance Animal, please review the UWSP Assistance Animal page and schedule a meeting prior to establishing an account or submitting documentation.

2. Submit Documentation

  • Upload or send in appropriate disability-related documentation to verify eligibility:
    • include a diagnosis
    • address functional limitation and/or note the major life activities impacted by the impairment
    • support the need for accommodations
  • Please review the Submitting Documentation page

3. Participate in a New Client Intake Meeting

The intake meeting is a conversation about your request and documentation, accommodation history, and the impact of your condition(s). We also explain processes for implementing your accommodations in your courses. Intake meetings are generally 30 minutes in duration. Please call our office (715-346-3365) during business hours to request a meeting, or you may schedule a meeting via Navigate.

  • UWSP at Marshfield or UWSP at Wausau Students: DRC staff in Stevens Point will make arrangements to discuss your request in person or via Zoom meeting.

Register for DRC Connect

For students entering UWSP in the fall, please initiate the application process over the summer. It can take time (sometimes a few weeks) to qualify students for accommodations and get things in place. Even if you are unsure about using accommodations, we urge you to apply and get qualified so that you can use accommodations quickly should you need them.


The UWSP Disability Resource Center (DRC), in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its Amendments, and UW System Policy on Individuals with Disabilities, coordinates accommodations to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in or benefit from UWSP and its programs, services and activities in the most integrated setting.