Housing Accommodations 

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Medical Accommodations

Students who wish to have a medical accommodation should review the request form and follow the instructions listed.

 Housing and Residence Life Medical Accommodations

  • ​Single Occupancy Room 
  • Air-conditioned room
  • Elevator-equipped hall
  • First Floor Room Accessible restroom/shower
  • Wheelchair accessible ramp to the hall
  • Room in close proximity to a restroom and/or kitchen
  • Handicap accessible room (door frame and room space are larger) 
  • Hearing-impaired emergency alarms 
  • Attendant care access 
  • Quiet floor/wing - does NOT need care provider letter as outlined in Part 4 of the Medical Accommodation form 
If another accommodation is needed, please contact our office at 715-346-3511 or housing@uwsp.edu, and an employee can direct you
Native American Housing Resources

Housing and Residence Life would like to recognize that the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point occupies the lands of the Ho-Chunk and Menominee people. Please take a moment to acknowledge and honor this ancestral Ho-Chunk and Menominee land, and the sacred lands of all Indigenous people.

 Living Accommodations

Smudging within the residence halls

Smudging is a ritual used by indigenous people throughout the world in which herbs are used to cleanse persons or places of negative thoughts, bad spirits, or negative energy. Herbs are typically burned in a small shell or other containers that will not burn. 

  • The Dean of Students (DOS) office can grant exceptions to the non-smoking (tobacco-free) policy for smudging purposes. 

  • Individuals who wish to practice smudging should contact their residence hall director with information on when and where they plan to hold their ceremony

    • Herbs to be burned are: sage, cedar, or sweetgrass 

 Native American Center +

NAC button.png
Native American Center (NAC)

The Native American Center on campus provides resources and services to Native American students. NAC offers study space, resource library, free printing for Native American students utilizing the center, supply of some materials for making beadwork and other cultural items, and is a space for students to learn from and engage with other Native American students on campus and more.

Additional Resouces Include: 

Gender-Inclusive Housing Options

Housing and Residence Life is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that provides a safe, accessible, and respectful community for all. We understand that when your gender identity/expression is not readily reflected when giving a preference for where you would like to live, it is difficult to determine what would be optimal for you. Housing and Residence Life ​has the following options available for students.

 Housing Application Process

​​Housing Application and Assignments 
  • On our housing application, there is an optional section for students to share their gender identity. There is a drop-down option, but also a space for students to self-identify if their gender identity is not listed.
  • Housing and Residence Life uses the binary cis-genders and then works one on one with students who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth. 

  • Students may already have a roommate lined up that is accepting of their gender identity whether it's someone who has a similar gender identity or not. These roommate requests can be sent to our housing assignments coordinator via UWSP email. 
  • If students are looking for someone to room with, Housing and Residence Life can assist with that matching process as our housing application collects information on gender identity and allyship. If a student is transitioning and uncomfortable living with a roommate, please reach out directly to our housing assignments coordinator for options. 

Preferred Name 
  • Students can list their preferred name through the university system. 

Who to contact with questions regarding gender-inclusive options and roommate requests 
  • If you would like to connect directly with our housing assignments coordinator, please see our "Meet Our Team" webpage here. Our housing assignments coordinator is Safe Zone trained and is happy to assist all students. They will work with the student individually to provide housing that they are most comfortable with so that their first year at UWSP (and beyond) is successful.

 Housing Accommodations

Traditional Halls 
  • Traditional halls include Baldwin, Burroughs, Hansen, Hyer, Knutzen, May Roach, Neale, Pray-Sims, Smith, Steiner, Thomson, and Watson. 

  • All of our halls are "scattered co-ed", with the exception of Pray Hall (all men) and Sims Hall (all women). 

  • All-gender restrooms 

  • There are two restroom facilities on each floor of traditional halls, one designated as male and the other as a female. On the second floor of Hansen, Knutzen, May Roach, Smith, Steiner, and Watson, one of the two bathrooms is designated as "all-gender" (any identifying gender can use this restroom); the other restroom on that floor is either designated as female or male-identifying. 

Hyer Hall

  • Accommodations in this hall are reserved for residents who will be 21 years old or older by the first day of the semester. Rooms are single-occupancy and rooms are co-ed throughout the building. Restroom facilities are designated as male on the first and fourth floors, and female on the second and third floors. 

The Suites@201

  • Residents who have graduated from high school at least two or more years prior to the start of the semester can select a single-gender or gender-inclusive suite. Each suite accommodates four residents (each student has their own lockable bedroom) and provides a full kitchen, living room, and three-part restroom (toilet, shower, and vanity). 

  • Gender-inclusive housing allows same-gender roommates, opposite-gender roommates, or other gender-identity roommate pairings, regardless of physical sexual characteristics.  

 LGBTQIA+ Resources

Gender and Sexuality Resource Center​


Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

GSA Logo.jpg

Faculty and Staff Gender-Sexuality Alliance (FSGSA)

FSGSA Logo.png

If you experience any hate/bias incidents in the halls and in your living environment, report it here

Speciality Living Options

 Single Rooms

  • ​All room assignments are as double occupancy (two persons/room) with the exception of the Suites@201, which offer four private bedrooms in each apartment. 
  • Single rooms are provided on a space-available basis. 
  • All rooms in the Suites@201 building are single rooms and do not have a double room charge associated with them.

 Alcohol-Free Living Communities

​"Alcohol-free" is defined as an area where neither residents nor their guests (regardless of age) are allowed to possess or consume alcohol. 
  • In addition, residents and guests must refrain from being present on the floor with alcohol in their bodies. Residents will be required to sign a specialty living agreement upon arriving on campus.

 Quiet Communities

​All residence halls observe a basic set of quiet hours that are enforced Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m. to 9 a.m., and Friday-Saturday, midnight to 9 a.m. 
  • Quiet communities have slightly longer quiet hours: Sunday-Thursday, 9 p.m. to 10 a.m., and Friday-Saturday, 11 p.m. to 10 a.m. 
    • If you are interested in living in a quiet community, select in the Specialty Living Options section Preferences. Residents assigned to a quiet community will be required to sign a specialty living agreement upon arriving on campus.
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