Sabbatical Review Subcommittee

Chair: Robert Michitsch, 2023-2024,​. Please check here for committee membership. (Committee memberships are listed by acronym at the bottom of this Excel Workbook. Look for the SRS tab. Requires a logon.)

Scope and Authority: The Sabbatical Review Subcommittee monitors the workings of the college-based sabbatical review committees.  It has the authority to create and modify sabbatical policy and procedures that affect all university colleges. The subcommittee consists of eight tenured faculty elected by the faculty and the Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs as a non-voting ex officio member. Information regarding the sabbatical pro​cess is available at the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 

​Purpose: The purpose of UWSP’s faculty sabbatical program is to enable recipients to be engaged in intensive scholarship and research to enhance teaching and curriculum development, to conduct discipline-specific research, or to pursue other scholarly activities related to programs within the expertise of the faculty member.

Grant related questions should be directed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (or contact the chair, Robert Michitsch)



Sabbatical Procedures 
Sabbatical Application Form
​CNR Sabbatical Rubric
​Application Deadline for 2025-2026​ Sabbaticals:
September 13, 2024
Sabbatical Application Information Session February 2024 (video)​
Sample Sabbatical Application
​COFAC Sabbatical Rubric
Sabbatical Review Committees for each college

COLS Sabbatical Rubric​

CPS Sabbatical Rubric​

UCOL Sabbatical Rubric​

Eligibility: A faculty member is eligible for a sabbatical award under the following conditions (See Wis 36.11(17)​:
  1. Sabbatical leave may be granted only to those faculty members who have completed 6 or more years, or the equivalent, of full-time intructional service in the UW System.
  2. The faculty member must not have taken a sabbatical ​within the UW System during the previous six years of full-time service, or its equivalent.
  3. Leaves of absence,​ regardless of source of funding (including personal resources), will be excluded in determining a faculty member’s years of full-tim​e service.
  4. Preference shall be given to those who have not had a leave of absence, regardless of source of funding, in the previous four years.
  5. A sabbatical will not be awarded to a faculty member who does not plan to return to the institution from which the leave is granted for at least one academic year of service after the termination of the sabbatical.
​2023-2024 Sabbatical awardees:

COFAC: Molly Roseman, Music, for Fall semester: “Study of Claude Debussy's Preludes Book 2 for Piano with Debussy Scholar, Paul Roberts"

COLS: Jerry Jessee, History and International Studies, for Fall semester: “Radiation Ecologies: Nuclear Fallout and the Birth of the Global Ecosphere"

CNR: Jacob Prater, Soil and Waste Resources, for Academic year: “Ecological Site Descriptions and Grassland and Rangeland Management"

CPS: Holly Schmies, Health Science and Wellness, for Academic year: “Interprofessional Education: Developing a framework for implementation in the School of Health Science and Wellness"