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The Wisconsin Lake Leader's Institute

Training Leaders to Take Care of Wisconsin's Lakes 


Crew 7 Seminar II

Aquatic Ecology and Human Impacts on Lake Ecosystems

Kemp Station, Woodruff, WI / September 10-11, 2008

Wednesday Morning - Boathouse

Seminar II Introduction and Crew VII Reintroductions
Bob Korth, UWEX Lakes
What Makes a Lake a Lake?
Patrick 'Buzz' Sorge, Lake Management Coordinator, WDNR
Limnology 101   (pdf)
Wisconsin Lakes - What is happening to Lake shorelands and In-lake Habitat

Wednesday  Afternoon - Pontoon Classroom

Groundwater Station
Nancy Turyk, Center for Watershed Science and Education, UW-Extension
Jen McNelly, Communication Specialist, Center for Land Use Education, UW-Extension
Fisheries Station 
John Kubisiak, Fisheries Biologist, WDNR
Steve Timler, FisheriesManagement Technician, WDNR
Limnology Station
Paul Garrison, Research Limnologist, WDNR
Jeff Bode, Wetlands and Lakes Section Chief, WDNR
Aquatic Plant Station
Susan Knight, Water Resource Scientist, UW-Madison Trout Lake Station
Littoral Zone Habitat Station
Paul Cunningham, Fisheries Ecologist, WDNR
Riparian Habitat Station
John Haack, UW-Extension St. Croix Basin Educator

Thursday Morning 

Lake Management Planning [PDF, 2 MB] - Carroll Schaal, WDNR Lake Team Leader
Paleolimnology as a Lake Management Tool [PDF,3 MB] - Paul Garrison, WDNR Research Scientist
Monitoring and Modeling: How to Use it for Lake Planning - Tim Asplund, WDNR Limnologist
Aquatic Invasive Species in Wisconsin [PDF, 3 MB] - Jeff Maxted, UW-Madison Center for Limnology Research Scientist
Managing Agricultural Phosphorus Runoff to Lakes: A Water Quality Based Approach - Eric Hurley, Portage County

Thursday Afternoon

Stormwater Management for Lake Protection [PDF, 7 MB]; Phosphorus Footprint document [PDF, 121 KB] - Paul McGinley, Center for Watershed Science and Education/UWSP
Protecting our Lakes with Shoreland Restoration [PDF, 8 MB] - Patrick Goggin, UW-Extension Lakes/UWSP
Reflections and Closing Remarks - Staff and Crew       
Introduction to Seminar III - Patrick 'Buzz' Sorge, WDNR Lake Management Coordinator
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