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Maintenance Tips

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Shoreland restoration plans / plant choices / establishment tips /maintenance PowerPoint
[PDF 15.11 MB]

PowerPoint from EPA conference on shorelands in April 2009.  Presenter: Patrick Goggin, UW-Extension Lakes  


Sustainable landscapes and management for shorelands​

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) shoreland maintenance tips. University of Minnesota 


Care and maintenance of shoreland native plants
[PDF 147 KB]

Although native shoreline buffers and rain gardens are quite low-maintenance, some initial care is required for the first few years to give them a good start.  9/07 Adapted with permission from Shoreline Buffer Restoration: A Guide for Landowners; written by Harmony Environmental, for Burnett County Land & Water Conservation Department, 2006; funded the WI Department of Natural Res ources 


Sensible shoreland lighting
[PDF 362 KB]

Reducing light pollution on shoreland. Information on new lighting technologies that can deliver good illumination, provide security, save money and reduce light pollution without competing with the beauty of the night.  By: David S. Liebl & Robert Korth University of Wisconsin–Extension  


Conserving your blufflands
[PDF 535 KB]

A management guide for St. Croix River property owners. Great River Green and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 



Along the shore

[PDF 704 KB]

A shoreline management guide for Michigan coastal landowners. Revised August 2007 reflecting content of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality General Permit Regulating Shoreline Management Activities  


Protecting your shorelines with landscaping and buffers PowerPoint
[PDF 1.41 MB]

Considerations in shoreline management including riparian landscaping and buffers; maintenance practices and stewardship of lakeshore property; and resources for information and plant materials. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) 


Landscape maintenance and management​

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) shoreland maintenance tips. University of Minnesota 


Shoreland landscaping series​

A guide to natural landscaping and revegetation for enhancing water quality. PC-07357 1999 / University of Minnesota Extension Service  

​Living with the lakes 

[PDF 4.25 MB]

Understanding the impacts of vegetation removal and beach maintenance on the Great Lakes. Ducks Unlimited, Great Lakes /Atlantic Regional Office Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Lone Tree Council Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Michigan Department of Natural Resources Michigan Environmental Council Michigan United Conservation Clubs National Wildlife Federation Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay  


Maintenance and monitoring
[PDF 284 KB]

Part 654 Stream Restoration Design National Engineering Handbook chapter. United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service  


What You Can Do – Minnesota Lakes Top 10
[PDF 458 KB]

From Shore to Shore, Issue 88, University of Minnesota Extension Service. Source: North Central Lakes Collaborative  



More than just a yard
[PDF 1.42 MB]

Ecological landscaping tools for Massachusetts homeowners. Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 



How to use native plants for landscaping and restoration in Minnesota 
[PDF 274 KB]

This brochure provides a summary of important concepts about using native plants for landscaping and restoration in Minnesota.  State of Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources  


Sourcebook on natural landscaping for local officials  
[PDF 1.41 MB]

This guidebook was originally prepared for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 5 (USEPA). The intended audience is local officials, land owners, and citizens in the greater northeastern Illinois region.  Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission 


Planting and maintaining buffers
[PDF 245 KB]

Using vegetation to protect water quality tips. January 2009 DEPLW-0826  / State of Maine, Department of Environmental Protection 



Protecting your waterfront investment ​
[PDF 3.16 MB]

Describes 10 simple shoreland stewardship practices.  WDNR/UWEX WT 0821-2005  



Shoreland property
[PDF 1.59 MB]

A guide to environmentally sound shoreland property ownership. A publication of the Southeast Wisconsin Fox River Basin Partnership Team, University of Wisconsin–Extension, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  


Owning waterfront property: a checklist
[PDF 308 KB]

Shoreland checklist. Wisconsin Environmental Initiative et al 




Shoreline alterations: ice ridges
[PDF 515 KB]

This factsheet discusses what causes ice ridges and what can I do about them as a shoreland property owner. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) 



Landscaping septic systems
[PDF 425 KB]

Provides options for homeowners to landscaping around septic systems. Mary H. Meyer et al / University of Minnesota Extension Service 



Lakeshore septic system basics
[PDF 519 KB]

Vermont Lake Protection Series #4 flyer. Lakes and Ponds Section, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources  



Sustainable herbaceous plant maintenance

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) herbaceous plant maintenance tips. University of Minnesota 



Sustainable woody plant maintenance

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) woody plant maintenance tips. University of Minnesota 



Sustainable lawn care information series

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) lawn care maintenance tips. University of Minnesota ​




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