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A property owners guide for protecting and managing shorelands in Bayfield County​​ 
[PDF 2.48 MB]

This guide is intended to provide information about shoreland regulations in Bayfield County, assist you in what to consider when buying shoreland property, and how to better manage these delicate natural systems through sound environmental practices.  Bayfield County Zoning Administration 


Shoreline buffer restoration: a guide for landowners
[PDF 655 KB]

The landowner guidebook is designed to help you restore your shoreline buffer. It includes a summary of county buffer standards; instructions for preparing the site, planting, and maintaining the buffer; and information about plant selection and sources of plants, seeds, and supplies.  Burnett County Land and Water Conservation Department, Siren, WI May 2008  


Controlling runoff and​ erosion from your waterfront property: a guide for landowners
[PDF 997 KB]

Calculate how much water runoff your property creates and reduce it. WDNR 



Shoreland restoration guide​
[PDF 31.27 MB]

A guide for helping to restore and protect shoreline buffers. Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas and iron Counties Land and Water Conservation Departments 



Waupaca County shoreland protection manual​ 
[PDF 768 KB]

A guide to developing and caring for waterfront property . Produced by University of Wisconsin Extension for Waupaca County  



Shoreland property booklet 
[PDF 1.59 MB]

A guide for environmentally sound ownership. A publication of the Southeast Wisconsin Fox River Basin Partnership Team, University of Wisconsin–Extension, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  


Streambank and shoreline protection 580
[PDF 131KB]

State standard for streambank and shoreline protection in Wisconsin. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) / Standards Oversight Committee (SOC) 



Shoreland habitat 643A​
[PDF 31KB]

State standard for shoreland habitat restoration in Wisconsin. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) / Standards Oversight Committee (SOC) 



Streambank and shoreline protection manual​
[PDF 1.77 MB]

Reviews the techniques for restoring and protecting banks of streams, lakes, estuaries, and excavated channels against scour and erosion by using vegetative plantings, soil bioengineering, and structural systems.  Produced January 2002, Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, Lake County Planning, Building and Development Department U.S.D.A. - Natural Resources Conservation Service  


User’s guide to shoreland property​
[PDF 338 KB]

Aitkin County (Minnesota) shoreland stewards program guide for shoreland property owners. Aitkin County Water Planning Task Force and the Mississippi Headwaters Board  



Becker County shoreland guide to lake stewardship​ 
[PDF 7.27 MB]

With more than 400 lakes, Becker County is considered one of Minnesota's most beautiful and versatile recreation areas. This guide provides ideas on protecting these waters. Becker County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA), Becker County Planning & Zoning, Becker County Environmental Services, and the Pelican River Watershed District  


Cass County shoreland homeowner’s guide to lake stewardship 
[PDF 2 MB]

Gives basic information on lake stewardship for shoreland property owners. Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation, Cass County Environmental Services, and the Association of Cass County Lakes  



Crow Wing County landowner’s guide to lake stewardship​
[PDF 1.79 MB]

Gives basic information on lake stewardship for shoreland property owners. Crow Wing County Water Plan  



Riparian project policy and procedures​
[PDK 31 KB]

Polk County policy and procedures for riparian projects in their area. Polk County Land and Water Resources Department 



Shoreline habitat operation and maintenance plan
[PDF 29 KB]

Polk County operation and maintenance plan guidance for shoreland work with the county. Polk County Land and Water Resources Department 



Speakers list for shoreland issues for lake organizations and other conservation groups
[PDF 756 KB]

A 2001 list of shoreland issues and knowledgeable people who may be able to speak to your organization.  Compiled by: Lynn Markham, Land Use and Shoreland Educator The Land Use Education Center Cooperative Extension and College of Natural Resources University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point  


Walworth County 2011 lakeshore landscaper services resource list 
[PDF 193 KB]

A list of landscapers who voluntarily attended the 2009 Walworth County Lakeshore Landscapers training, which provided information on Walworth County and State shoreland regulations.  Walworth County Land and Water Conservation Department




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