Artificial Intelligence

Course for Instructors: Teaching With AI

Interested in learning more about artificial intelligence and how it may impact your teaching?

CITL has licensed a course on Teaching with AI from Auburn University, which is now available for UWSP instructors.

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The course is asynchronous, fully online, and will take roughly 10 – 15 hours to complete. While taking the course, participants will have an opportunity to interact with other UWSP instructors and CITL team members.

 Interested instructors can register for the course by completing the Teaching with AI registration form.

The goals of the course are to help instructors:
  • Learn about AI and its implications for teaching and learning in higher education - especially those relating to academic integrity
  • Consider examples (good and bad) of how to redesign courses for AI
  • Experiment with AI tools, redesign assignments, and get feedback
  • Engage in conversations about your thinking on topics related to AI in the college classroom
  • Access a (growing and evolving) repository of research on teaching with AI


The AI Policy Working Group at UWSP distributed a survey to campus in Spring 2024 to get information on to what extent, and for what reason, people are using generative AI tools, identify training needs, and determine if there is a consensus on how the campus community wants to move forward with creating policy around AI usage.
View the survey results.


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