Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many students attend UW-Stevens Point? How large is the city of Stevens Point?

A. The UW-Stevens Point campus has approximately 8,100 students. The city of Stevens Point has a population of about 25,000 and covers 17 square miles, including 700 acres of parks.

Q. What is the ratio of students to instructors at UW-Stevens Point? 

A. About 22 students to every instructor. (Keep in mind that some classes will be larger).  UW-Stevens Point also holds the highest percentage for undergraduate courses taught by regular faculty in the UW System.

Q. UW-Stevens Point is noted for which majors?

A. UW-Stevens Point offers an exceptionally diverse curriculum with more than 100 undergraduate offerings from which to choose. The best-known programs are in biology, communication, fine arts, health promotion, history, education, natural resources, paper science and engineering, interior architecture and psychology. Plus, we recently added four new majors: health & wellness management, biochemistry, geosciences and social work.

​Q. Can I receive credit for the AP (Advanced Placement) classes I am taking in high school?

A. Yes, if you receive a score of 3, 4 or 5 on an AP examination and have the official score reports sent to the Admissions Office, you may be eligible to receive college credit at UW-Stevens Point. Click here for a listing of the examinations for which credits are granted.

Q. Do I have to live on campus in the residence halls?

A. UW System require you to live in a residence hall until you've completed four semesters of college. Exceptions are made if you live with your parents (within a 40-mile radius of Stevens Point), are married or 21 years of age or older, are a veteran, or have been out of high school two years or more.

Q. When do I find out about housing and how will I be assigned a roommate?

A. The Residential Living Office will send you a housing information packet about three weeks after you are admitted (beginning in mid November). Your packet will contain information about housing options and a housing application form. To be considered for housing, you must complete the contract form and return it with a required housing prepayment. Your assignment is made using the interests you share through your contract choices. You will be notified of your room assignment and roommate in late July.

Q. Can students living in the residence halls have cars on campus?

A. YES! For further information, please contact Parking Services at (715) 346-3900. Metered parking costs 50 cents per hour.

Q. What safety precautions does the campus provide?

A. UWSP Protective Services​ has a mission to provide a safe campus environment and the protection of persons and property. Permanent police and security staff, assisted by specially trained student patrols, cover the residence halls area, parking lots and the campus grounds. 

Code Blue phones are found at 20 locations all around campus, including the Schmeekle Nature Reserve a few blocks north of campus. When activated, they provide a direct voice link to the Protective Services Dispatch Center where police or security personnel can be directed to the scene. A blue strobe light is triggered to alert others in the area of the emergency. 

Q. What is textbook rental?

A. The purchase of textbooks can add significantly to the cost of attending school. At UW-Stevens Point, students benefit from a text-rental system where they check out most of their textbooks for a rental fee (already included in tuition) and return them at the end of the semester. Not all universities offer this option for students to save money!

Q. Are there computers for me to use?

A. Computer labs are located in most of the academic buildings, as well as the Learning Resources Center (LRC 110), the Dreyfus University Center and our residence halls.

  • All told, over 500 computers are available in these labs, and they offer staffed hours during evenings, weekends and weekdays. A complete list of individual computer lab locations, hours and equipment can be found here.
  • Computer labs in the basement of each residence hall have an average of seven computers in each lab (including one Mac), as well as a laser printer and scanner. These are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and open only to residents of the halls.
  • You can access the same software that computer labs offer via our Remote Computer Lab service - 24 hours a day/seven days a week! This service provides the convenience of working from a residence hall room or your home/apartment, while linking to a workstation in our remote lab via a web page. 
  • Students who live in our residence halls and bring their own computer can connect to the Internet in their room. Plug in the Ethernet cable on your desk, open a web browser and follow the on-line instructions. Contact the ResNet Office in 068 DeBot at 715-346-3995 or by email.
  • A wireless network is available in most academic and administrative buildings, and in public places in our residence halls. Click here to view wireless locations, requirements, and instructions in connection with wireless access.
  • Some companies offer discounts on new computer purchases to UW-Stevens Point students, faculty and staff members and alumni. To see our current discount programs, click here. Students registered at any of the UW campuses or Technical Colleges have the opportunity to purchase software at a discounted rate; click here for more information.
  • Students may check out a university laptop from the library circulation desk in the LRC for up to three days at a time. Take a laptop to class or to a conference, work on a group project or write a paper on the bus during an athletic team trip.