New Faculty and Staff Orientation

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point! We are very excited to have you join our campus community and we look forward to supporting you as you begin your work at UW-Stevens Point.

For the most part, if you are a new Faculty or Staff member, you will learn much of what you need to know from your immediate colleagues, co-workers, and supervisor. However, we have assembled a variety of resources that we think will be useful as you begin your work at UWSP.

If you are new to UW-Stevens Point, please take a look at the Starting at UWSP webpages on the Human Resources and Affirmative Action website to ensure you have completed the required paperwork (employment, payroll, benefits) and get access to a variety of information and resources to help you become acquainted with UW-Stevens Point and the area.

Finally, to support the University's goal to foster an inclusive environment, you will receive emails from Workplace Answers to complete compliance trainings within about a month of your hire date. Complete the trainings within 30 days of registration. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources and Affirmative Action at 715-346-2606 or


Pre-Semester Contract Period (August 29 - September 5, 2016)

New faculty and staff members (especially those on 9-month contracts) should take note of a variety of scheduled events that take place the week before classes start next fall. These events will help to provide you with an overview of campus, our policies, and other helpful information:
Focus on Teaching & Learning
New faculty and instructional staff members are encouraged to attend the Focus on Teaching & Learning session, scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2016, from 1:30-4:30 p.m., in the Founders Room (102 Old Main).
Additional resources related to the Focus on Teaching & Learning session can be found here:

New Faculty and Staff Seminar Series (Mondays, 8 a.m.)

Throughout the Fall Semester, new Faculty and Staff (especially instructional academic staff members) are invited to attend the New Faculty and Staff Seminar Series (Mondays, from 8 - 9:15 a.m., in SCIENCE D-223).
As the fall semester progresses, a collection of support materials from these Monday morning sessions will be posted to this page:
Periodically, we will offer additional information sessions and trainings throughout the academic year. Invitations will be sent along via e-mail and announced in the Message of the Day.

Essential Resouces for New Faculty and Staff

In the past, we would assemble a 3-ring binder of materials for each new Faculty and Staff member. This was both costly and rather time-consuming, and not everyone would pick up a binder. Also, we found that most of the print material we included in the binder was available in electronic form (as PDFs or as web pages). So, in an effort to reduce expenses and be more efficient, we are trying something new: we are assembling the same set of materials and making them available in electronic form.
The expandable sections below are organized by broad topic area. Each section includes links to a variety of resources (similar to different "tabs" in a 3-ring binder). As you browse these materials, please let us know if you think some additional links should be included. Likewise, if you can't find something, let us know and we'll do our best to find it for you. You can contact Libby Raymond with questions or suggestions.

 About UW-Stevens Point and the UW System

About UW-Stevens Point
UW-Stevens Point Administrative Units
    University Relations & Communications Flyer 2015
    University Relations and Communications Communication Guide 
    Fast Facts about UW-Stevens Point
UW-Stevens Point Campus Life, Activities, and Events
    SPARC New Faculty Staff Packet  ¦ AFT Membership Form 
    Sustainability ¦ Sustainability Across Campus flyer  ¦ Facebook page ¦ Twitter 
    Schmeeckle Reserve 
        Green Trail Circle 
    Stevens Point Parks & Recreation 
    College of Fine Arts & Communication Calendar of Events (includes all Art & Design,
    Music, Communication, Aber Suzuki Center, and Theatre & Dance events, as well as
    the Performing Arts Series).
    Music Department 
    Theatre & Dance Department - Productions 
    Art & Design Department 
    Community Arts 
    UWSP Alumni Association 
    Adventure Tours 
    Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals 
    Student Involvement and Employment Office (SIEO) 
    Centertainment Productions 
    Strength and Fitness Center (HEC) 
    Allen Center for Health and Wellness Programs  | Allen Center Information



 Teaching and Learning

Policies Pertaining to Classroom Activities
        Academic Calendars 
        Academic Forms 
        Reporting Grades 
        Library Instruction 
        SAAC Brochure for Faculty & Staff
        Welcome Letter from Continuing Education
        FERPA Guidelines 
Research Resources
        Guidelines for Human Subjects Review (Handbook, Chapter 9, page 95)
        Guidelines for Human Subjects Research (IRB)



 Faculty and Staff Services and Support


 Student Services and Support


 Important Documents, Policies and Procedures