Reading In the Disciplines

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What is Reading In the Disciplines?

Post-Secondary Learning (PSL) 109: Reading In the Disciplines is a one-credit, pass/fail discussion course attached to a parent-course, designed specifically to help you develop your abilities to deal successfully with the readings and lecture material in that parent-course.

How does Reading In the Disciplines work?

Collaboration is the key to successful Reading In the Disciplines group work. You meet once a week with a small group of fellow students and a trained Reading In the Disciplines undergraduate peer facilitator to go over class readings and lecture material.

What can Reading In the Disciplines offer you?

Reading In the Disciplines will take you deeper into your understanding of the parent-course. Here's how:

  • You will improve your understanding of the course material. You will get the opportunity to discuss the readings in depth under the guidance of a trained undergraduate peer facilitator.
  • You will explore your responses and reactions to course material. You will be meeting with the same students each week, allowing you to get to know others in your group and to ask questions in a safe and exploratory environment.
  • You will develop confidence in explaining and presenting your ideas in front of your peers and in classroom discussion. As the semester progresses you will have many opportunities to formulate responses and arguments within the discussion group which will make you a more confident participant in class discussion.

Fall 2023 Discussion Course Offerings

You can add PSL 109: Reading In the Disciplines via accesSPoint. Groups begin Week 3 each semester.


Aligned Course Reading In the Discipline Course
Group leader Day and time Location
​History 101 (Leigh) Sect. W01
​PSL 109-W01 (82418)
Grace D.
Wednesday 10:00am
WAU 241
​​History 176 (Barker) Sect. 01
PSL 109-03 (82501)
Tessa W.
Tuesday 12:00pm
Virtual Classroom
​History 176 (Barker) Sect. W01​
​PSL 109-W03 (82503)
​Tessa W.
Tuesday 12:00pm
Virtual Classroom​
​History 288 (Willis)

PSL 109-11 (82394)
Ella H.​ Tuesday 11:00am
CCC 226
​History 288 (Willis)
PSl 109-12 (82395)
Ella H.​ Thursday 1:00pm
CCC 320​​​
​History 292 (Harper)
​PSL 109-13 (82347)
Olivia B.​
Monday 1:00pm
CCC 226


Aligned Course ​Reading In the Disciplines Course
Group leader Day and time Location
​Philosophy 100 (Horn)
PSL 109-16​ (82684)
Lizzy V.​ Thursday 4:00pm
CCC 323​


Aligned Course Reading In the Disciplines Course
Group leader Day and time Location
​​​Psychology 110 (Ferguson)
PSL 109-29 (82630)
Olivia V.
Monday 10​:00am
​CCC 238​
​Psychology 110 (Ferguson)
PSL 109-19 (82350)
Olivia V.​ Tuesday 11:00am
CCC 320​
​Psychology 110 (Nemeth)
​PSL 109-20 (82397)
​Erin J.
​Wednesday 11:00am
​CCC 226
​Psychology 110 (Nemeth)​
​​PSL 109-21 (82398)
Erin J.​
Thursday 12:00pm
CCC 320

Religious Studies

Aligned Course ​Reading In the Disciplines Course
Group leader Day and time Location
Religious Studies 100 (Whitmore)
PSL 109-26 (82399)
Alyssa F.
Wednesday 9:00am
​Virtual Classroom

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