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Applicable Policies

One stop shopping for policies related to Title IX, harassment, and student or employee accountability.​ Policies and procedures can be a bit confusing so be sure to ask questions.

UWSP Board of Regents Policy 14-2 - Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
Campus policy, as prescribed by the UW Board of Regents, establishes guidelines for prevention and institutional procedures in response to complaints received. The University reserves the right to apply this policy to conduct occurring off campus.

Board of Regents Policy 14-8 - Consensual Relationships
This policy describes the Board of Regents’ expectations with respect to consensual romantic or sexual relationships where a power differential exists. This policy covers all UW System employees, students, and affiliated individuals. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the employment and academic environment is free from real or perceived conflicts of interest when UW employees, students, and affiliated individuals, in positions of unequal power, are involved in consensual romantic or sexual relationships.

UW-Stevens Point Chapter 17 - Student Non-academic Standards and Disciplinary Procedures 
UWSP Chapter 17 is the official UW system policy and procedures for addressing alleged student behavioral misconduct. Section 17.09 lists the types on of conduct are subject to disciplinary action under CH. 17. The University reserves the right to apply this policy to conduct occurring off campus.

UW-Stevens Point Chapter 18 - Conduct on University Lands 
UWSP Chapter 18 is the official UW system policy and procedures to address behavior on university lands of students, faculty, staff, and guests. This includes information about the designation of law enforcement, parking, and possible violations of the law.

Employee Accountability
The employee accountability process is unique depending on the employment category of the individuals involved (i.e., Academic Staff, Faculty, University Staff). Policies governing employee accountability are found in the University Handbook. NOTE: To ensure you have the current policies, be sure the University Handbook for the current academic year is selected in the dropdown menu in the upper, right-hand corner of the handbook homepage.

All Employees

When the Respondent/Alleged is Faculty

When the Respondent/Alleged is Academic Staff

When the Respondent/Alleged is University Staff 

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