UWSP/Balanced Body
Pilates Mat Instructor Training

Kristin Brockman

The Balanced Body Instructor Training program is a is excellent preparation for a career in Pilates, professional dance and teaching movement and fitness.  I’ve completed Balanced Body Mat I and II, and Reformer I training, and plan to complete comprehensive training within the next two years.  In addition, the required observation hours, teaching hours and personal training hours have further developed my skills as a mover and a teacher. 

Balanced Body Instructor Training is designed in a way that helps apprentices learn through experience. Each hour practicing Pilates gives me the ability to become stronger and more flexible throughout my body.  Each hour teaching Pilates enables me to cue and encourage more strength and flexibility in each individual student. Each hour observing class I find there is always something to learn. The learning never stops!

As a Balanced Body Pilates apprentice instructor I’ve taught at Studio B Pilates, Adventure 212, Sentry Insurance, and B Centered Pilates Training Studio, and developed my own Mat class which I teach at Generation Dance Company. I appreciate all of these opportunities to teach, observe and participate. 

I am so grateful that UWSP is a Balanced Body Pilates Authorized Training Center.  The benefits from training through Balanced Body Pilates, especially for training dancers are countless!