UWSP/Balanced Body
Pilates Mat Instructor Training


Courtney Holcomb

 Waveform Newsletter

Starting in my teenage years I was drawn to Pilates as a somatic practice for the ways it beautifully complemented dance. As a dance major at UW-Stevens Point, I was blessed to have dance and Pilates in the same building. Pilates reinforced and informed my dance training, while dance training reinforced and deepened my understanding of Pilates training.

I began my Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training while I was a student UWSP, and completed the Mat training before graduating. Post-graduation, my passion and interest in the Pilates work remained. I continued with the Instructor Training curriculum to become a Comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body Education.

I currently own and operate my own Pilates studio in Neenah, WI, Waveforms Pilates.  Teaching Pilates has given me the financial freedom to travel, set my own schedule, and pursue exploring movement on a deeper level.  I still am a dance instructor a few nights a week. By focusing my work in Pilates, I’m able to spend more time with my husband, and have more evenings free. I am a better employee to the dance studio where I work because of my Pilates education. Because of my deep knowledge of the moving body I’m able to teach efficient movement and alignment patterning in dance.

Though not everyone may view herself or himself as a dancer, everyone is a mover. Through teaching Pilates I’m able to work with anyone to access their full movement potential, and help them achieve their movement and fitness goals.  This is the greatest reward of sharing my training with others.  Dance alone felt limiting for helping certain populations. With Pilates I serve clients ages 8-86, all with different types of physical capabilities and limitations.