May 2020 Dance 496 Final Media Projects
let them (3:24)

McKenzie Alosi, directorExposing a dark past by exploiting the underlying psychological reasoning behind misconceptions.

Kindle (3:51)

Madalin Berube, directorReminisce on memories, time, and growth. A gentle reminder to slow down and reflect.

EVE (4:08)

Joshua Brumm, director
Graced by the evening's light, a dancer reflects on the essence of humanity.

speak to me of justice* (6:55)

Breanna Brzezinski, director

An Indigenous look at the decimation of Mother Earth. Is it possible to return to what we once had?

at the end of every road (4:19)

Megan Carver, director
This work explores self-reflection on the end of a significant time while moving on to the next journey and path in life.

It's About Time (3:44)

Morgan Chojnacki, director

Who's to say which path is the right one to take? What if I change direction in the middle? Why do I have to make my choice now?

In the Light of What Is (4:01)

Anastasia Demco, director
Let go and appreciate what was, to find peace in what is. Relish in the present, as there are great things to discover in the light of what is. 


Celeste DuPuis, director
An indefinite continued progression of existence measuring beyond the world as we know it. 

Quarantining Alone
Because My Rhythm Is Sick

Sean Frenzel, director
Every day goes by exactly like the last one. Breaking out of the monotony of quarantine only requires some music, and probably annoying your entire apartment building.

A Time Ago (3:44)

Hannah Gavin, director
A Time Ago explores a woman’s sense of comfort from her childhood and how that is now portrayed to her as an adult. 

Just a Glimpse*

Alexandra Glaser, director
Exploring perspective; only a glimpse into the full view. 

a whole mood
Taylor Hauke, director

A lighthearted, comical take on quarantine and becoming the heroine of your boredom.
Omen's: What's
Hidden Seeps Through
Elena Hausmann, director

On the line between what the mind perceives as real and reality, a woman's home becomes a metaphor of self while her buried superstition and paranoia resurface. 

Light of the World

 Emma Hoenecke, director
This work features the transformative power of being in a relationship with God, and looks into a woman’s journey from anxiety to peace.

It's Nothing
Sara Johnson, director

There is more nothing than something in the universe, so what pretent that  some things don't exist?

dichotomy (4:12)
Signe Knutson, director

An exploration of texture through the lens of contrast.
The Epoch of
Sprinting in a Cloud (3:41)

Ximena Linares, director
A woman’s subtle discovery that her life is not in her control. Her days handed to her in a deck of cards, she simmers in her decided, faint fate.

And in the Dirt...
The Lotus Blooms (4:16)
Katie McAdam, director

hrough thick and grimy muck a flower does bloom, breaching the surface to rise above. And in the Dirt...The Lotus Blooms, serves as a testament that beauty can emerge even amidst the harshest and ugliest of places. 

One Track Minded (5:18)
Harrison Mitchell, director

A single mind holds more than a single body. It is important to exercise both every day. 

Changes (3:43)

Celina Molll, director

In a world full of chaos, everything is changing. The world as we once knew is not the same world today.

From Me to You (3:17)
Alysa Williams, director

An exploration of two sisters and their relationship to each other through time.

​*  Congratulations to Breanna Brzezinski and Alexandra Glaser, whose projects were selected for the 2020 CinePoint Media Festival.