As of April 2015, the Public Administration major is NOT accepting new students.

The Public Administration Minor is accepting new students.​​

Public Administration and Policy Analysis Major

Public Administration and Policy Analysis is an interdisciplinary program, offering both a major and a minor, administered by the Political Science Department. It is designed for students interested in public service (federal, state, or local) or graduate education in this area. For the major students take a program consisting principles, such as public policy theory and policy, public administration, and economics; functional area courses, such as budget, personnel, and administrative law; and analysis courses, such as Methods of Policy Analysis and Statistics. Majors also must take 9 credits in a specialized area--public policy, planning, human resources (personnel), natural resources/environmental administration, and public finance. All students are encouraged to complete an internship as part of their program.
To be admitted and retained as a major, and to be accepted for graduation, a student must have a grade point ratio of 2.50 or higher in courses taken within the major regardless of declaration of academic bankruptcy.

40 Credits distributed as follows:

1.  Government, 6 credits:  Poli 101, 242.
2.  Administration, 12 credits:  Poli 250 (required), and 9 credtis from:  Bus 320; Poli 354, 358, 450, 455.
3.  Policy Analysis, 12 credits:  Poli 202 and 397 (6 credits, both required); 6 credits from:  Poli 304, 305,  
     306, 314, 356, 455.
4.  Statistics, 4 credits:  Math 355 or Psyc 300 or Soc 351.
5.  Economics, 6 credits:  Econ 110 and 111.
6.  Recommended:  Poli 455 Internship.

The Capstone Experience requirement is satisfied by Poli 397.
Communication in the Major is satisfied by 6 credits from the following:  Poli 304, 305, 397, 450, 455.

Click here for the UWSP Course Catalog entry for the Public Administration and Policy Analysis Major.

Four Year Sequence

Freshman Year
Fall I
Pol. 101 or Pol. 202 3 cr
General Education / Electives 12 cr
Spring I
Pol. 101 or Pol. 202; Pol 242 or Pol. 250 6 cr
General Education / Electives 9 cr

Sophomore Year
Fall II
Pol. 242 or Pol. 250; Econ. 110 6 cr
General Education / Electives 9 cr
Spring II
Pol. 356 ; 3 credits PA/PA electives 6 cr
General Education / Electives 9 cr

Junior Year
Fall III
Pol. 354; Communication in the Major Course; Math 355 or Psych 300 or Soc 351 10 cr
General Education/Electives 3-6 cr
Spring III
Pol. 358 or Pol 450; Pol. 397 6 cr
General Education/Electives/Second major or minor 9 cr

Senior Year
Fall IV
PA/PA elective, Capstone Experience, Internship1 10 cr
General Education/Electives/Second major or minor 3-6 cr
Spring IV
Pol 397 if not completed in Junior year, PA/PA elective 3-6 cr
General Education / Electives (or courses for Second Major / Minor) 9  cr
1An internship is not required in the PA/PA major, but it is strongly recommended. A student may complete that internship in either of the semesters of his/her senior year.