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​​​Philosophy and Religious Studies Scholarships​ 

The department offers a variety of scholarships to students pursuing majors and minors in English. S​cholarship applications ar​e due by March 1.  Students are notified of awards by March 31 and honored at the School of Humanities and Global Studies Award Ceremony in late April.  Award recipients are selected by the department's award committee members. ​​ 

Thomas Overholt Memorial Early Major Scholarship

Awarded to philosophy major within their first year with 30 credits or fewer. It is based on academic performance as measured by GPA in the major, overall GPA, and performance in philosophy major classes. 
  • ​​​Award of $750
  • A granted scholarship. There is no application.

Thomas Overholt Memorial Essay Award

Awarded to a philosophy major with the most outstanding essay in Philosophy. The Philosophy department scholarship committee selects the winner. 
  • ​Award of $750 
  • Apply by March 1, 2023.  Link will be added soon.  

John Billings Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to the continuing junior philosophy major who received the College of Letters and Sciences Distinguished Continuing Student Award from the Philosophy Department. It is based primarily on GPA and number of credits taken.  
  • ​​​Award of $400
  • A granted scholarship. There is no application. 

Dr. Deborah Winters Philosophy Scholarship

Awarded to a junior or senior philosophy student who has demonstrated interest in the history and culture of women in the field of philosophy. 
  • ​​Award of $1,500 
  • Apply by March 1, 2023.  Link will be added soon.  

Philosophy Book Awards

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department faculty select four students and then choose books to present to them based on their areas of interest.   
  • There is no application.

Other Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships:  ​

Campus Wide Scholarships

First Year Student Scholarships 

College Scholarships for Non-Traditional Students ​

Thanking your donor  

Thanking your scholarship donor is an important part of the scholarship process.  UWSP requires scholarship recipients to thank their donor as a requirement prior to distribution of scholarship funds. Information on thanking your donor will be provided to you when your scholarship is awarded.  All thank you letters are turned into the School of Humanities and Global Studies Administrative Office, CCC 486B, for distribution by the office prior to the end of the spring semester.  Postage should be included for off-campus donors and is not necessary for donors with on-campus addresses​.  ​

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