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2022 Academic Advisory Committee Meeting and Senior Design Project Presentations

Thursday, May 19, 2022 (SAVE the Date for 2023, May 18)

The Paper Science & Chemical Engineering Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) Meeting is an annual event held each spring.

Each year, representatives from the paper and allied industries gather with the Paper Science & Chemical Engineering faculty and staff to listen and assess the Senior Design Project Presentations and provide students with constructive feedback on their projects.  After the presentations the committee meeting begins with an update from Karyn Biasca, Department Chair, on the status of the Department where industry representatives' input is encouraged.  


If you would like to be a part of the Academic Advisory Board meeting and/or be a part of the Senior Design Projects, please contact the Paper Science & Chemical Engineering Department and we will be sure to email you with further details on how to join this event. We are planning an in person event this year with an option of virtual as needed.

Questions? Please contact Angie at 715-346-4817 or


Schedule for May 19, 2022

In Person at the Unveristy of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Stvens Point, WI


8:30 am Registration, continental breakfast

8:45 am Welcome and instructions

9:00 am Senior Design Project Poster Presentations: Chemical Engineering

10:00 am Senior Design Project Presentations: Paper Science Engineering (break out rooms)

11:00 am Academic Advisory Committee meeting 

12:00 pm Adjourn for Lunch

Chemical Engineering: Senior Design Project, Spring 2022

Project Problem Statement: 

This project requires you to work with a partner of your choice to design a new production facility for ethyl acetate that meets the following requirements:

  • Target production rate for EtAc is 10,000 mt/yr.

  • The plant will operate 350 days/year, 24 hours/day.

  • The product must be at least 99.5 vol% EtAc

Student Design Teams: 

 1) Brittney Ballenger, Michael Lampshire, Scott Meyer, and Kaylee Schmid

 2) Mary Kremer, Sibby Pugliese, and Connor Scray

 3) Nathaniel Dombrowski, Seth Weiler, Cole Wesolowski, and Jonathan Wolf

 4) Everett Franczek, Zachary Oninski, and Dan Sommers

 5) Taylor Kansier, Jacob Perron, and Ryan Thomas

 6) Mya Dailing, Liam Mayhew, and Abit Smrz

Paper Science and Engineering: Senior Design Projects, Fall 2021

Project Problem Statement 1. Perform an audit on the paper machine dryer sections. Make recommendations for improvements in energy efficiency. 

Team:  Seth Weiler, Katelin Wierzba*, and Cole Wesolowski

Project Problem Statement 2. Evaluate the performance of the paper machine saveall.  Identify areas for improvement and implement them. 

Team:  Brittney Ballenger, Scott Meyer, and Dan Sommers

Project Problem Statement 3. Design a sytem to measure and control the operating conditions on the paper machine refiner.

Team: Everett Franczek, Zach Oninski, and Kaylee Schmid.

Project Problem Statement 4. Optimize the performance, flexibility, and utility of the cleaning system.

Team: Mya Dailing, Taylor Kansier, and Jonnie Wolf

Project Problem Statement 5. Optimize the performance, flexibility, and utility of the screening system.

Team: Jacob Perron, Connor Scray, and Abi Smrz

*Graduated in December




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