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Catch CLEPtomania!

Do you feel you have a good grasp of a college subject? CLEP, offered by the College Board, offers general examinations covering broad areas such as humanities, natural science and social science, as well as subject areas such as accounting, biology, American history, and psychology. UWSP grants credit for acceptable scores on many of the CLEP examinations. Credit will be entered on your permanent record after you enroll at UWSP.

Cost per exam as of Semester I, 2011-2012 school year is $125, including administration fee. Study materials can also be ordered for a nominal fee.​

To get more information on CLEP testing you can do one of the following:

Click here for more information about CLEP tests avaliable and how they relate to UWSP courses.

CLEP test information

Contact admissions or your advisor and ask how CLEP tests can shorten your path to your degree.

Contact the Non Trad office for brochures and to view testimonials by real UWSP students who have taken these tests.

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