CLEP Examination Policy


Please note that you may apply a maximum of 32 credits earned through credit-by-exam toward your bachelor's degree at UW-Stevens Point.

CLEP General Examinations


UW-Stevens Point awards credit for scores of 50 or higher on the following three CLEP General Examinations:


  • Humanities (6 credits awarded: 3 for the Arts General Education requirement and 3 for the Humanities General Education requirement)

  • Natural Sciences (6 credits awarded: will be applied toward the Natural Sciences General Education requirement)

  • Social Sciences and History (6 credits awarded: 3 for the Social Sciences General Education requirement and 3 for the Historical Perspectives General Education requirement)


 Credit and advanced placement are NOT awarded for the General Examinations in English and Mathematics.

CLEP Subject Examinations

UW-Stevens Point awards credit for scores of 50 or higher on the CLEP Subject Examinations listed below. If a CLEP Subject Examination is not listed, credit is not awarded for that exam at UWSP.

​CLEP Subject Exam ​UWSP Course Equivalent ​UWSP General Requirement ​Credits Granted
​American Government ​Political Science 101 Social Sciences & U.S. Diversity ​3
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature​ ​English 200 ​Humanities
Biology​ ​Biology 101 ​Natural Sciences ​5
​Financial Accounting ​Accounting 210 ​3
​History of the United States I
​History 176

​Historical Perspectives & U.S.

​History of the United States II ​History 177
​Historical Perspectives & U.S.
​Human Growth & Development ​Psychology 260 Social Sciences ​3
​Introductory Business Law Business 340​ ​3
​Introductory Psychology ​Psychology 110 Social Sciences ​3
​Introductory Sociology ​Sociology 101

​Social Sciences & U.S. Diversity

​Principles of Macroeconomics ​Economics 110
Social Sciences
​Principles of Management ​Business 320 ​3
​Principles of Marketing ​Business 330 ​3
​Principles of Microeconomics
​Economics 111 Social Sciences ​3
​Western Civilization 1 ​History 256 Historical Perspectives ​3
​Western Civilization 2 ​History 257 ​Historical Perspectives ​3

For more information on UW-Stevens Point's CLEP Examination Policy, please contact:  Cheryl Kawleski, Admissions Office, UW-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI  54481, (715) 346-2441.
To make an appointment to take a CLEP exam at UWSP and for information on exam fees, please contact:  Testing Services Office, Delzell Hall Third Floor, UW-Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI  54481, (715) 346-4472.