​​WIST Pilot Paper Machiene

Video Archive

  • Isoprene Production
    ​Eric Singsaas, director of research, talks about iosprene production in this short video.
  • Students gain hands-on experience
    WIST operates a pilot paper machine on the UWSP campus. The machine is an important asset for the university's paper science and engineering program, with students benefitting from the hands-on experience. The machine is managed by WIST's Laboratory Services Division, with revenue earned from contract runs on the machine supporting student learning. Don Guay, WIST's lab services director, talks about the paper machine's importance to students in this short video.
  • Pilot Paper Machine
    ​WIST's pilot paper machine is available for raw material and/or chemical additive studies, equipment evaluation, grade development and production runs. Don Guay, WIST director of laboratory services, describes the machine and its capabilities in this short video.
  • Europe
  • Meeting in Europe
    ​WIST Director of Research Eric Singsaas talks about a recent meeting in Europe with a chemical company interested in WIST's work with biomaterials in this video.