​Mathematics Major for Teaching Certification​​​

This option is structured to ensure that you will satisfy the licensing requirements for 
secondary teacher certification by completing dedicated geometry and statistics 
courses containing integrated educational methods. Additional mathematics courses 
from the areas of analysis, abstract algebra, and discrete mathematics provide a 
comprehensive content preparation. Additional educational training in mathematics teaching technology, mathematics educational methods, and the history of mathematics ensure your subject competency. A secondary/middle school student teaching experience completes the requirements for this major.​

Description Consists of at least 54 credits:

1. Collateral Natural Science Requirements (required but not part of the 54 credits 
    mentioned above): Note: Consult with the School of Education regarding natural 
    science requirements for Teacher Certification.
a. Take at least 12 credits of Natural Science Courses from the General Education Program list, including i) PHYS 150, or ii) PHYS 203 and 204 or iii) PHYS 203 and 5 credits of Chemistry
b. Or, complete a major or minor in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Paper Science or Physics

2. Mathematics Foundation Courses (20 credits): Math 120, 121, 213, 222, 300. 
    We recommend that you complete 213 and 300 before you enroll in any 
    courses numbered above 300. Note: Math 300 includes written 
    communication in the major objectives.

3. Abstract Algebra (3 credits): Take either Math 331 or 332

4. Statistics (4 or 6 credits): Complete one of the following:
a. Math 350 and M Ed 350 or b. Math 356 and 357

5. Math Education (12 credits): Take Math 340, M Ed 334, M Ed 335, M Ed 340 
    Note: Math Ed 335 includes oral communication in the major objectives.

6. Breadth Electives (at least 9 additional credits):
a. (6 credits) Take two courses from Math 305, 310, 315, 320, 323, 324, 
    327, 330, 331, 332, 335, 356, 357, 367, 372.
b. (3 or 4 credits): Take 1 additional course from 6a or 3-4 credits from 
    380, 381, 390, 395 or 499

7. Student Teaching (6 – 12 credits): Take M Ed 398 (if you have more than one 
    major, 6 credits in each, otherwise 12 credits in M Ed 398).

To have the Mathematics Major approved for graduation, you must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in the courses you select to satisfy the requirements of the major. In addition, you must achieve a grade of C or better in at least 18 credits in required courses numbered 300 or above. These standards apply regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy. The department chair may allow exceptions on a conditional basis.​

For more information visit the UWSP course catalog pages for Teacher Certificatoin (Secondary/Middle) and Elementary Education.