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Paul A. Martin



University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
Ph. D. in Mathematics (1994)
M.A. Mathematics (1988)
B.S. Chemical Engineering (1983)
University of Wisconsin-Marathon County, Wausau, WI (1978-1980)

Arthur M. Kaplan Teaching Fellow for 1999-00
UW Colleges Chancellor’s Teaching Award in 2011

Work Experience
Assistant and Associate Professor of Mathematics at UWMC:  Fall '94 – Present
Instructional Academic Staff (Math) at UW-Marathon County: Fall 88-Summer 1990
Teaching Assistant at UW-Madison: Fall '86 - Spring '88, Fall '90 - Fall '91
Pharmaceutical Engineer at UpJohn, Kalamazoo, MI: 1983-1985

Professional Activity

Co-Authored “Effective use of Wikis in College Mathematics Classes” with Kirthi Premadasa in Proceedings of International Conference on Society and Information Technologies 2010.

Co-Organized and Presenter at UW-Colleges Mathematics Workshop on Teaching June 18, 2010.

Member of A UWS COBE grant team to get students through developmental math more efficiently.   2010-2011

Member of UWS Curricular Redesign Project with Kirthi Premadasa to develop a one-credit College Algebra Lab course that uses spreadsheets and real data from a variety of disciplines.  The course is designed to motivate the study of the functions from College Algebra.  2010-11

Presented (with two students) on Optimizing Attic Insulation at Better Buildings-Better Business Conference at Wisconsin Dells. March 2010

Student Research Project Article on “How to Choose an Optimal Level of Insulation in a Home Attic” to The College Mathematics Journal, accepted and under final revision Dec. 2010.

Joined Marathon County OWI-Court Team as an outside evaluator of a three-year court program to reduce the incidence of drunken driving.  Also will provide this service to neighboring Wood County.

Co-developed Lesson Studies for College Algebra and Calculus I with Kirthi Premadasa and Clare Hemenway.   2008 – 2010.

Presented at the first Best Practices in Science, Math, and Engineering Teaching Conference at UW-Baraboo on Emphasizing the Fundamental Meaning of multiplication and division to support applications in Chemistry and Physics. 2007

Gave a 30 minute talk at the UWC Math Department Meeting on Archimedes’s Method with physical models for finding areas and volumes.  2007

Department Assessment Coordinator  1997-2007

Developed and taught course on History of Calculus for Honors Students at UWC-Marathon.  1995-2010

Presented at the Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers Meeting on using free-ware to construct pure sine wave sounds from function formulas and demonstrate wave phenomena of sound.   2006

Chaired a panel at Wisconsin Mathematics Council in Green Lake on preparing high school students for success in math at the post secondary level.  2005

Ran a one-day training session for UWC instructors that were involved in a pilot study of using ALEKS software to teach College Algebra.  Nov. 2004

Member of grant proposal (not funded) for Road Map to Redesign to adapt our College Algebra using on-line teaching and assessment technology.  2004

Organized and ran a two-day Math Department Summer Workshop on teaching and assessment in pre-calculus level mathematics.  2004

Presented at Wisconsin Mathematics Council in Green Lake with Chris Capista on our development of a Hybrid Intermediate Algebra using Scientific Notebook Documents and Dynamically Generated Quizzing.  2004

Gave a talk at MAA Wisconsin Section Meeting on the history of solving the cubic. 2003

Coorganized with Isaac Solomon and Shubhangi Stalder a three-year Compressed Video History of Math Seminar for the UWC campuses.  2002-2004

Received an NPRIME grant to build connections with local schools and our elementary education majors and provide materials for discussion.  2003-2004

Co-developed Hybrid math 105 course with Chris Capista.   2001-2002

Received a UWC “Critical Concepts” Grant with Shubhangi Stalder to develop web-based materials for teaching exponential and logarithmic functions in college algebra.  2000.

P. Martin, W. Sethares: UW-Madison/UW-Colleges Summer Research Grant to study digital signal processing and application to studying natural variations in Instrumental Tones.  Summer 1998.

Team Member in development of Interdisciplenary Study Course “ Society, and Global Catastrophes'' 1997.

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