Sensitive Data Cleanup

A major objective of the UWSP Sensitive Data Protection Initiative (SDPI) is to identify and remove High Risk sensitive data from desktop computers, laptops and email. The Information Security Office (ISO) is coordinating the sensitive data search and clean up process as described in a letter from Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Mark Nook to all employees in April, 2009.

Electronic Sensitive Data Cleanup

The objective of the electronic data scan process is to remove or protect highly sensitive data on every campus computer. Identity Finder is the software that is being used to help locate and remove or protect sensitive data.

This process will be implemented in three steps:

  1. Identity Finder at Work

    The ISO will install the scanning software (Identity Finder) on every campus workstation. Employees are expected to start scanning and cleaning on their own in March, 2010.

  2. ISO Assisted Scans

    The Information Security Office (ISO) Assisted Scans provide a follow-up scan service to help in the campus cleanup effort. These scans are requested by campus department heads and deans. Departments assign a unit leader who is responsible for the cleanup effort. The ISO will conduct scheduled scans and will assist each group to confirm a successful completion.

  3. Final workstation cleanup

    Identity Finder cannot scan for all types of High Risk data such as personal health information, biometrics, or some financial account information. Each employee must remove or protect these other types of data manually. In addition, each workstation will need to undergo procedures to cleanse the computer to ensure that any deleted data is truly gone.

If you need assistance with using Identity Finder software contact the Information Technology Service Desk at 715.346.4357 (HELP).

Non-Electronic Sensitive Data Cleanup

All High Risk data contained in non-electronic form (typically paper) must also be protected. It is each employee's responsibility to properly dispose of, or secure this data in an approved manner. Please contact the Information Security Office to assist in this effort.

Requesting Storage of Sensitive Data

If you have sensitive data you feel you need to retain, you must request permission from the appropriate Data Steward by completing a Request for Storage of Sensitive Data Form. The procedure to request storage of sensitive data is explained here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions page may answer your questions regarding sensitive data cleanup, Identity Finder, and the Sensitive Data Protection Initiative. If your question is not answered here please send us an email at